Kyle Rittenhouse Is Facing 170 Years – Here’s a Comparison of Charges to Video Coverage of the Events that Night

Earlier in the day on August 25th Kyle Rittenhouse was busy cleaning buildings after another night of Democrat BLM rioters damaging another US city.  That night young Rittenhouse was running for his life from BLM rioters. 
Yesterday Rittenhouse was charged with up to 170 years for his actions that night.
Here’s a comparison of charges and the events that occurred.

There is video evidence of young Rittenhouse in Kenosha the morning of the shootings helping clean paint from the buildings that were desecrated by BLM rioters before the shooting.

There is more footage from the night of the shooting showing Rittenhouse carrying a gun and being thanked by the police for his help.

Unfortunately things quickly changed for the young Rittenhouse on Tuesday night.   So much so that he is now charged with multiple crimes.

Rittenhouse is charged with intentional murder for shooting Anthony Huber who was carrying a skateboard the night of his death.

This is the most serious charge.  Huber has a long criminal record.

Here is a picture of Huber hitting Rittenhouse with his skateboard after Rittenhouse fell to the ground:

A video slowed down shows Huber hitting young Rittenhouse with his skateboard before being shot and killed:

The next charge Rittenhouse is facing is a lesser charge for murdering Joseph Rosenbaum.

Rosenbaum also has a criminal record and he reportedly was chasing Rittenhouse and he reached for Rittenhouse’s gun shortly before he was shot.  Rosenbaum was shot in the head and also died.  There are reports that Rittenhouse was shot at before shooting Rosenbaum.

Next Rittenhouse is charged with attempted homicide of Gaige Grosskreutz:

As is noted above and can be seen in the video above showing Huber attacking Rittenhouse with his skateboard, Grosskreutz had a gun and he too was chasing Rittenhouse.  Grosskreutz also has a rap sheet and may have committed a crime for carrying the gun if he is a felon.  Rittenhouse shot Grosskreutz in the arm that was carrying the gun.

The next charge against Rittenhouse is for actions he took against a reporter who was following him when he was allegedly fired upon and when he fired on Rosenbaum.

The reporter has not on record claimed he was endangered that we are aware of.  He does claim he saw Rosenbaum reach for Rittenhouse’s gun before Rosenbaum was shot.

The next charge is against Rittenhouse for actions he took against an unknown man.

The unknown man charged and attempted to kick Rittenhouse when Rittenhouse fell on the ground.  He is in the first video above in white pants.  We don’t know if he too is a criminal with a rap sheet.  It looks like he was shot at by Rittenhouse after he kicked Rittenhouse.  He is the only one who Rittenhouse shot who was able to walk away, but possibly with a limp.

Rittenhouse is also charged with carrying a gun but it appears he may have had the right to carry it.

So this is what the young Rittenhouse is facing – 170 years in prison for crimes that may be very difficult to pin on the 17-year-old.  This too looks like another case of prosecutorial abuse.  No wonder attorney Lin Wood is offering to help the young man.
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