Despite Our Evidence Showing the QAnon Movement Is Being Infiltrated by Russian Operatives – Leftist Reporter Clings to Antisemitic Infiltration to Hurt Movement

A week ago we posted an article where we discussed the QAnon Movement and due to its popularity, how outside influences from Russia and others have inserted themselves into the movement and are acting as disruptors.

Left wing operatives didn’t like our post because they enjoy attaching President Trump and his followers with the anti-semitic corners of QAnon which come from these outsiders like Russia.

The Gateway Pundit successfully broke this connection in our post.  One reporter wrote an article and claimed our work was without substance while making crazy accusations without substance.

Mike Rothschild wrote a piece at entitled, “QAnon isn’t newly anti-Semitic—it’s always been that way”.  In his post, Rothschild wrote this:

But two things are clear from over two years of QAnon. The first is that while there might be some Russian activity related to Q (Aplebaum believes it’s exclusively done by human trolls rather than bots), the movement’s core believers and prominent promoters are organic and very real. The second is that the anti-Semitism that Hoft claims is being “inserted” into QAnon as disinformation to make Trump look like a white supremacist has always been a feature of the movement as a whole. And it’s something that shouldn’t be ignored as the QAnon community attempts to gain a hold in mainstream politics and culture.

Anti-Semitism has been part of the fabric of QAnon since the conspiracy theory first launched in October 2017. The conspiracy theory revolves around the busting of heavily-funded trafficking rings engaged in the Satanic sacrifice of children to drink their blood—a tweaked version of the classic Jewish “blood libel” conspiracy about Jews sacrificing Christian children. In particular, Q is seemingly obsessed with the Rothschild banking family and George Soros, two figures that have driven conspiracy theories and anti-Semitic tropes for decades.

Then after posting stories about QAnon, Rothschild ends with this:

Overall, the tropes that Q posts and followers perpetuate are centuries old, and were around long before the latest internet conspiracy theory. So why is Gateway Pundit posting this story now, especially when Aplebaum’s blog post went up in June? The site didn’t respond to the Daily Dot’s request for comment, but Q is enjoying more mainstream popularity than ever. Dozens of Q-endorsing candidates are running for national office, and some have won their primary elections. The conspiracy theory is generating national coverage, best-selling books, and a wide array of merchandise. And its promoters are becoming social media stars in their own right. By claiming that whatever anti-Semitism found in the Q movement is artificial, rather than organic, Q’s growing influence in right-wing culture and politics can be shielded from scrutiny—and the rot in the movement can be written off as outside agitators trying to hurt the president, not the people in the movement itself.

But there are many things Rothschild doesn’t share in his unsubstantiated article.

Rothschild reached out to Yaacov Apelbaum to determine if he indeed was involved in our article.  Apelbaum responded affirmatively and provided answers to the young man’s questions as well as more examples of Russian influence in QAnon.  The Russians identified by Apelbaum were not just posting antisemitic posts on QAnon but they also posted anti-Catholic posts as well as posts related to “Trust Jeff” Sessions:

Yaacov claimed that the Russian influence mirrors tactics referred to in a post on Russian disinformation campaigns that are real.  Yaacov then shared some more posts from Russians inserted into the QAnon network:

But Rothschild published his article, disregarding the new information from Apelbaum, stating that he knew who QAnon was to which Apelbaum replied and asked how he knew this to which Rothschild replied: “The antisemitic posts I mention in the story are all done under Q’s authetic tripcode, so there’s no question they came from Q”.

Apelbaum replied that the only way to authenticate an entity (a probability a range of 0% -100% ) is to ‘bind an identity to a subject’.  Apelbaum proved this by showing Rothschild authentic pictures of Rothschild with those close to him as well as his previous places of work.

The point for Rothschild is, that unless you do the same with Q, how can anyone attribute any of the publications to a specific source. Apelbaum shared:

In that regards, Joe Hoft was correct when he stated that the Russians and other nefarious operators are inserting Anti-Semitic (as well as Anti-Catholic) content into the Q network which is made up of 8chan/8kun/4chan and other amplifying sites. How do we know that they were Russians? Because I authenticated several individuals (just like I did with you) who have been posting this content.

Apelbaum shared with Rothschild:

The purpose of the image composite I’ve sent you was to illustrate that unless you are able to authenticate a source (like I did with you) and you know who they are with a high degree of certainty, you can’t make reliable assumptions about their identity.  This applies to the QAnon problem as well as any other publisher.

QAnon is a unique phenomenon. It is now so relevant that outsiders like the Russians are heavily involved and inserting anti-Semitic and anti-Catholic information into the movement.
Writers with agendas ignore these facts in their mistaken efforts to tie President Trump to anti-Semitism in the QAnon movement, even when the facts are laid out for them on their front door step.
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