CONFIRMED: China Launched a Massive Social Media Campaign in March to Get Countries to Adopt Stringent Coronavirus Lockdowns and Destroy Their Economies

China released the coronavirus sometime in late 2019.  By early March China was pushing countries around the globe to put in place economic shutdowns similar to what the CCP did in Wuhan.  They clearly wanted the world to suffer economically from the virus.

One individual on Twitter put together a lengthy Twitter thread outlining the efforts China took to ensure the rest of the world would participate in shutdowns like China put in place in Hubei Province.

Italy was the first country China focused on.  It was as if they knew if Italy did it, the rest of the world would fall in line.

China used Twitter to push this dastardly deed.

China appears to still be able to do the same on Twitter.

China made a fool out of the world’s top medical personnel who then pushed for shutdowns as well.

The FBI’s Chris Wray has no credibility but he might be right on this one.

Twitter deleted a number of accounts but China had already done what it wished to do.

Sweden didn’t buy it and now they look like the smart ones although they paid a price on Twitter.  Then one man fell in Wuhan and the world was in horror.  At that time did you too wonder if it was even real?

China showed its lockdowns and then they got the WHO to help promote the lockdown insanity.

South Dakata’s governor didn’t shut down and she was lambasted by China related Twitter users while governors in blue states that were compliant were praised.

The UK too was targeted and soon complied.

To this day China claims they contained the virus at 80,000 cases but everyone who knows China knows the data is garbage.

China even pushed South Africa to lock down.  India was also a target.

It’s pretty clear today to the casual non-biased observer that lockdowns around the world were way over the top.  The China coronavirus will go down as the world’s greatest farce ever if not in a hundred years.  The Cardiff giant has nothing on these guys.

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