BREAKING: Wisconsin Rioters Light Kenosha County Courthouse on Fire Over Alleged Sex Offender Who Was Shot By Police

The Kenosha County Courthouse has been set on fire by violent and armed Black Lives Matter rioters over an officer involved shooting earlier in the day.

The rioters also broke into the building prior to setting it ablaze.

Armed rioters also confronted and threatened police while others blocked their vehicle.

The extremists set multiple fires and knocked out a police officer earlier in the evening.

Multiple garbage trucks were destroyed.

The violence is in response to a video of the shooting in which the suspect is seen ignoring officers and attempting to reach for something in his vehicle before being shot in the back multiple times.

The man who was shot, Jacob Blake, is reportedly alive, but in “serious” condition. He has a long history of run-ins with the law, including charges for sexual assault and domestic abuse.

Leftists have also already doxed the officer who shot Blake and have been posting threats towards him online.

A city wide curfew has been put in place until 7 a.m.

This is an ongoing situation and the Gateway Pundit will be continuing to provide updates as the situation unfolds.


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