Based on Prior Reports Clinesmith Is Just the Beginning – More Indictments Including Conspiracy Charges Remain in the Obamagate Investigation

We now have evidence that the DOJ is working on individual indictments for clear crimes made by Deep State individuals involved in Obamagate similar to the indictment of Clinesmith this past week.  But the major overarching indictments related to conspiracy are also in the works.

Republican Representative Devin Nunes was on FOX Business with attorney Gregg Jarrett this past week.  In the interview Nunes noted a couple of important items related to the Durham investigation of the Deep State gang behind Obamagate.  At the 3:20 mark below, Rep. Nunes shared the number of referrals his team has provided to the Durham investigators:

Well look, we’ve made 14 criminal referrals from our exhaustive three and a half year investigation.  And so there is plenty to look at here.

What’s fascinating about Nunes’s comments is that a year ago Nunes said his team had only eight referrals for AG Barr. 

In April 2019 Nunes said he has been working on the criminal referrals for over two years, but he was waiting until Bill Barr was confirmed as Attorney General to make his move — Nunes did not divulge any names.

Nunes shared, “We’re prepared this week to notify the attorney general that we’re prepared to send those referrals over.  First of all, all of these are classified or sensitive. … Five of them are what I would call straight up referrals — so just referrals that name someone and name the specific crimes,” Nunes told Maria Bartiromo. “Those crimes are lying to Congress, misleading Congress, leaking classified information. So five of them are those types.”

Nunes added: “There are three [referrals] that I think are more complicated. … So on the first one, is FISA abuse and other matters. We believe there was a conspiracy to lie to the FISA court, mislead the FISA court by numerous individuals that all need to be investigated and looked at that, and we believe the [relevant] statute is the conspiracy statute. The second conspiracy one is involving manipulation of intelligence that also could ensnare many Americans.”

Among the people who signed the FISA applications include then-FBI Director James Comey, DAG Rod Rosenstein, Sally Yates and Andrew McCabe.

“The third is what I would call a global leak referral,” Nunes said. “So there are about a dozen highly sensitive classified information leaks that were given to only a few reporters over the last two-and-a-half-plus years. So you know, we don’t know if there’s actually been any leak investigations that have been opened, but we do believe that we’ve got pretty good information and a pretty good idea of who could be behind these leaks.”

We also reported in late April this year that Former US Attorney Joe Digenova reported on the conspiracy indictments as well.  DiGenova discussed the Durham investigation and said that Durham is building a conspiracy case and anyone who lied to the court will be indicted for obstruction of justice charges:

The bottom line is this, it’s unfolding and what’s happening is, what Durham is actually doing is he’s painting a picture and not everyone of these acts is going to be a specific separate crime.  But they are going to be, what’s called overt acts in a conspiracy.  One to defraud the United States government.  One to deny the civil rights of Trump and Flynn and Page and a bunch of other people.

Based on Clinesmith’s indictment and guilty plea, it appears that this is where Durham is going.  The only thing Americans ask is to have all the indictments out before the election so Americans can see the criminal actions behind Obamagate and vote accordingly.
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