‘Arthur’ Propaganda Episode Teaches Children ‘It’s Not Enough to Not Be Racist,’ They Must ‘Actively Fight Racism’

A new short from “Arthur,” a taxpayer funded PBS show aimed at children ages 4 to 8, asserts that it is “not enough to be not racist” and that they must “actively fight against racism.”

In the short episode, Arthur on Racism: Talk, Listen and Act, Arthur and his best friend Buster video chat their lunch lady, Mrs. MacGrady, to discuss a video of a “racist” incident. The video is referenced, but not shown, or is the racism described. It seems to be alluding to an incident of police brutality.

“I can’t believe someone would be hurt like that, just because they’re Black,” Buster says.

The episode goes on to try and scare children, by saying that racism is everywhere and that they have a moral obligation to stand up to it.

The lunch lady asserts that racism is like a disease and “if you don’t treat it, it’s just going to get worse.” She says that it isn’t enough to not be racist, “we have to actively fight against racism,” she said, before quoting Rep. John Lewis.

Arthur previously made waves with a controversial episode featuring a same sex marriage.


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