Over 50 Confederate Monuments Have Been Removed or Destroyed Since George Floyd Riots Began

The Southern Poverty Law Center, a far left money grab organization, is doing a victory lap after determining that over 50 Confederate memorials have been removed nationwide since the George Floyd riots began.

The extremist organization reported that in 2019 only 16 of the monuments were removed, compared to 59 in 2020.

“That figure includes 38 monuments removed or toppled, five relocated and 16 schools, parks or other sites renamed. It does not include Mississippi voting to remove the Confederate battle flag from its state flag,” the Hill reports. “The number also does not include various other monuments that do not honor Confederates but have been torn down or removed due to other associations with racism.”

For example, their count does not count the monuments of Christopher Columbus or Thomas Jefferson that were toppled or destroyed.

The SPLC has an interactive map on their website of Confederate statues that they want to see targeted. The organization previously inspired a terror attack against the Family Research Council for being Christian and conservative.


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