WATCH: Black Right-Wing Journalist Stabbed at Black Lives Matter Riot in Portland… UPDATE… Antifa Perp is Convicted Pedophile

A black conservative reporter was stabbed while covering the Black Lives Matter riot in Portland early Saturday morning.

The violent attack was captured on video.

The Antifa attacker, Blake David Hampe, was previously convicted of possession of child pornography.

The Common Sense Conservative reporters noticed that they were being followed when one of them, Drew Duncomb, went to confront the person who was doing it. As they approached them and asked “hey buddy, why you following us?” the masked militant turned and stabbed him.

The assailant appears to be a white member of Antifa, though a large mob formed to prevent him from leaving before police could come and arrest him.

Duncomb is currently in the trauma care unit and in stable condition. He tells the Gateway Pundit that his attacker “had about a 7-inch blade,” but luckily missed all of his organs.

“They’re keeping me overnight to make sure I don’t have any lacerations to my bowels due to the location of where he stabbed me,” Duncomb said. “That will determine if I need surgery or not, but currently I’m in the clear.”

Duncomb added that “I realize that wasn’t the best way to confront him, but I wanted do it in the light instead of waiting for them to attack when we weren’t paying attention.”

According to Duncomb, Hampe has been arrested. He is being held on $250,000 bond for felony assault.

The Gateway Pundit will update this story when more information becomes available.


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