VIDEO: SHOTS FIRED At Portland Protest After Driver Gets Caught In Mob

Throughout the past seven weeks of non stop protests that often devolve into riots, we’ve seen several drivers hit the gas and drive through the violent antifa and BLM terrorists when their cars get caught up in the chaos, while others have been pulled from their cars and beaten. One terrorist even made a video on how to break car windows and slice seat belts so the mobs can more easily pull drivers out and beat them. Early Thursday morning in Portland, one guy ended up driving into the protest, and can be seen firing off warning shots as he drives away!

Here’s the mob surrounding his car:

Looks like one of the passengers had gotten out, and can be seen getting in the back door. He appears to be black. The driver looks like he might be black too:

Of course the Portland police are continuing their hands-off policy, and aren’t anywhere to be seen as this is playing out.

So once the car turns around to start heading away, the driver fires off a series of warning shots into the air, likely to prevent the mobs of terrorists to continuing to come at him.

The official Portland police press release reads:

On July 9th, 2020, at 1:15 a.m., during a downtown demonstration, a vehicle arrived in the area of the crowd. The vehicle turned onto SW Main Street and then attempted to turn around, going the wrong direction.

At this point, the demonstrators and the occupants of the vehicle began to engage with each other and several shots were fired from the vehicle as it drove away. The shots were directed into the air and not directly at anyone. Fortunately, no one was injured.

Officers in the area attempted to locate the vehicle but were unsuccessful.

Due to the demonstration, officers were unable to canvass the area for evidence until later. No evidence was recovered from the scene.

The whole incident was captured on video (language warning):




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