VIDEO: Ami Horowitz Goes To Portland; Rioters Promote Violence, Say It’s Time To “End The American Experiment”


News personality Ami Horowitz went into one of the nightly protests in Portland to show the world what the mainstream won’t show. Far from “peaceful”, the protesters openly admit on camera that chaos is a “useful tool” to “destabilize society” and “tear down the system”, while others openly praise the violence by saying that “rioting and looting are part of protesting” and “you gotta have violence”. This is all in an effort to “end the American experiment” and “burn it down.”

Predictably, most of the people condoning the violence and chaos were white kids. The one guy calling for an end to the violence was a passionate black dude, who was quite pissed off that the white kids have hijacked the Black Lives Matter movement and are using it as a cover to spar with police and federal agents.

Horowitz filmed the rioters using weapons to break into the courthouse and launch incendiary devices to try and set the place on fire. He says the crowd continually cheered on the violence rather than try to stop it. The roving gangs were going around interrogating media, warning there would be “street justice” for anyone who painted the rioters in a negative light.. Horowitz himself was accosted by the mob once they figured out who he was, pelting him with broken glass.

The video ends with a wacked out leftist girl saying “This is us just trying to create a world filled with love and kill off the hate” as they try to burn down buildings with people inside.



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