US Senator Chuck Grassley Says Out Loud What We All Are Thinking: “Durham [Should] Be Producing Some Fruit of His Labor”

Americans are getting frustrated.  For years the Deep State from the Obama Administration has been getting away with criminal acts while those connected to President Trump are set up, framed, lied to, indicted, harassed and imprisoned.  Americans want action NOW.

It’s hard to believe that the Durham investigation could not up till today identify any crimes that the Obama and Mueller gangs committed over the past decade.  Actually, it’s not possible.

Americans want action.  The crimes of the Obama gang are so egregious and yet their coup attempt of the Trump Administration has gone without any prosecutions to date.

Today Senator Chuck Grassley shared what Americans fear:

Senator Grassley said it is “Sad” that there may be no indictments before the 2020 election.

Senator Grassley and the rest of the DC elites in the Republican Party evidently don’t understand what is going on at all.  If there are no indictments and President Trump loses the election in part due to this lack of justice, and any efforts to bring the Obama gang to justice are terminated, it won’t be sad – America as we knew it will be over.

There are no second chances.  The time is now.  Either bring the Obama crooks to justice or expect a backlash not seen in 160 years.

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