Time to Act – Part 2: Actions Christians Must Take Now to Save the Nation

Guest post by Sybil Gardien

This is the second article from a Gateway Pundit reader who earlier provided information for the post:

Time to Act: Debunking Christian Excuses for Inaction in the Face of Evil

As you read, please keep in mind the warning issued in the previous article, Time to Act: Debunking Christian Excuses for Inaction in the Face of Evil:

WARNING: God did not build this nation just for us; He built it for the world. Since its founding, our nation has been a beacon of hope and help to the lost and vulnerable around the globe. If America falls, our freedom to provide that hope and help falls with her.

As can be seen from this week’s news, those who would destroy our nation and its founding principles have no intention of backing down. They will take as much ideological and physical territory as we are willing to cede. We have already ceded too much. The time for complaining, hand wringing, and debating is over. It is time to act. Christians who are currently on the sidelines need to assess the times, understand what is at stake, and join those who have already taken to the battlefield.

The previous article offered a general list of actions we should all be taking. An updated version is provided below. Given the mood of the country, these actions appear tame. However, when undertaken by millions of concerned citizens, they are much more effective than they appear. The combined impact becomes exponential. Thus, it is important not only to vote, but also to register others to vote. It is important not only to contact your representatives, but also to encourage and organize others to contact their representatives. It is important not only to march, but also to encourage and organize others to march. That act of bringing others on board increases your impact from just one person, i.e. yourself, to potentially millions of people, as the people you have influenced influence others. So, rather than think, “I’m just one person,” think instead, “I am one person, plus the people I influence, plus the people they influence, and so on.”

You are more powerful than you realize, which is why those who want to destroy our nation want to silence you. Do not let them. Pick a minimum of three actions from the list below, step onto the battlefield, and start defending our nation:

In order to provide examples of how the above actions can be utilized, as well as to provide information on specific organizations and people that can help get results, four major issues are addressed below: Church Closings, Mandatory Masks, Voter Fraud, and Lost Freedom.

Church Closings:

It is time to fight back against the unconstitutional closing of churches. Churches are essential services. Not because we say so, but because God Himself says so (Hebrews 10:24-25). Both the saved and seeking are suffering due to forced isolation. The love and support they would normally receive by attending church services is now missing. New Christians are wandering away from the faith because they are unable to be discipled through the preaching and teaching of the Word. Seekers, who would have answered an invitation to attend church by a family or friend, are unable to do so now. Those who would have been comforted and strengthened by time in worship and prayer are turning to alcohol and drugs instead, and even suicide. Child abuse and domestic abuse have both increased as tension runs high in homes – tension that would be alleviated by spending time with the Body of Christ in worship.

Even first century churches continued to meet when the governing authorities outlawed such meetings. There is no excuse today for churches to close for extended periods. For a week or two? Fine. For months at a time or indefinitely? Unacceptable. We have a mandate from God to continue to meet. God has blessed us with a Constitution that protects that mandate. It is time to obey God, rather than “men.” For help with legal options and questions, the following organizations represent individuals and churches free of charge:

For examples of individual and class action lawsuits related to COVID-19 actions, see here, here, here, here and here.

Mandatory Masks:

Edicts on mask-wearing have also crossed a constitutional line. Our rights and freedoms are being trampled. The constitutional issues alone would be enough to demand push back; however, the fact that the science is questionable, the edicts are not equally applied and enforced (e.g. churches vs protestors), mask-wearing entails its own health risks, and many of those who are issuing these edicts do not abide by them also demands push back. Thus, it is time to stand up and demand that these unconstitutional edicts be ended. Things you can do:

Comments: 202-456-1111

Switchboard: 202-456-1414

TTY/TTD: 202-456-6213


  • Organize and participate in a peaceful protest or march, and encourage others to do so, as well. Learn from organizations that already organize successful protests or marches. Don’t expect others to protest or march on your behalf. Do it yourself. If there was ever a time to protest and march, it is now.

Voter Fraud:

One of the best ways to defeat voter fraud is to become involved in the election process. Voting is not enough. Conservatives need to become involved at every step: registering new voters, becoming poll workers and poll judges, and more. See below for numerous suggestions on how you can become involved and have a personal impact on stopping voter fraud in its tracks.

Worried about voter fraud?

Still worried about voter fraud?

  • Then, start registering new voters today. Of the 60 million committed Christians in our nation, only half of them vote. That is 30 million Christians who could be helping to save our Republic, who are not doing so. Turning these inactive voters into active voters will overwhelm and override any voter fraud attempts. So, get out there this week and start registering people to vote.
  • Register every single voting-age person in your congregation. Check out Vote Under God for helpful ideas, materials, and step-by-step guidance. Get your pastor on board, and set up a voter registration table in your church lobby or parking lot. Vote Under God even has a pre-written letter that you can give your pastor that explains the importance of registering every member of your congregation. If there are naysayers, or people worried about tax implications, give them a copy of the previous Time to Act article, as well as the link to the Vote Under God legal information page, and encourage them to consider the consequences of letting our nation fall, which will undoubtedly include churches losing tax exempt status.
  • Visit Scott Presler’s website for additional information on registering new voters. Or, invite him to your community for a training session. You can also donate to and volunteer for his organization.
  • Don’t just register new voters yourself; also encourage others to register new voters.
  • Start a monthly reminder effort to alert people of upcoming elections, and organize transportation to the polls during elections.
  • Make sure you and your new voters know where the candidates stand. Examples of helpful sites are https://www.christianvoterguide.com and https://ivoterguide.com (Example: Utah).

Still worried about voter fraud?

  • Then, verify your voter registration. Some voters have arrived at the polls to learn that their party affiliation was changed without them knowing it. As a result, they were denied their right to vote in the primaries. So, make sure you are registered correctly, including party affiliation and current address.

Still worried about voter fraud?

  • Then, contact your local Board of Elections to sign up to be an Election Poll Worker. Cheating is easier when no one is watching. Be a watcher.
  • Contact your Secretary of State or country clerk office to register to become an Election Poll Judge.
  • Don’t just become an Election Poll Worker or Poll Judge yourself; also encourage other honest people you know to become Election Poll Workers and Poll Judges.
  • Learn what it takes to become a member of your state’s Canvassing Board, and do it.
  • Contact your state election office and learn other ways that you can get involved with the election process.

Still worried about voter fraud?

  • Then, call your representatives and demand Voter ID. Don’t stop calling until you get it.
  • Don’t just call your representatives yourself; also encourage others to call.
  • Organize a call-in effort. Divide participants into groups, one group for each day of the work week. Monday Group calls on Monday, Tuesday Group calls on Tuesday, etc.

Still worried about voter fraud?

  • Then, call your county clerk’s office to make sure your town, city, or county will have enough polling stations. Many locations are quietly reducing the number of polling stations, using COVID-19 as an excuse. Don’t let that happen. Organize an effort to ensure that your location has ample polling stations.
  • Contact your local Republican Party office and enlist their help in ensuring that there will be enough polling stations.
  • Don’t just call the county clerk’s office and Republican Party office yourself; also encourage others to call.

Still worried about voter fraud?

  • Then, start investigating now what legal actions can be taken if you suspect an election is stolen. We citizens have a constitutional right to honest and fair elections. Provided sufficient evidence of election fraud, courts have ordered new elections in the past.

Still worried about voter fraud?

  • Then, turn that worry into action. Use it to spur yourself to act when you don’t feel like it or when you’re discouraged. Instead of worrying, take action. Given the amount of worrying going on across our nation right now, if it is turned into action, there will be a sea change in the direction of our country.

And, finally, provide this article to others, so that they too know what they can do and what resources are available to help them get it done.

Lost Freedom:

We have forgotten who we are. We are We the People, the ones charged with maintaining and protecting this great nation that we have been given. We are the free and the brave of the “land of the free and the home of the brave.” It is way past time for us to stand up and act like it. The governing authorities established to uphold and protect our God-given rights enshrined in the Constitution can no longer be trusted to do so. As a result, our freedoms are being eroded at an ever-faster rate. It is time for We the People to put an end to this onslaught, and retake lost ground.

Although it is likely that more drastic measures will be required, it is worth considering the possibility that this goal might be achieved by a massive, united effort in the courts against every government entity and official that is failing to fulfill their responsibility to uphold and protect our freedoms. Such an effort would involve either millions of individual lawsuits or a handful of class action lawsuits joined by millions of citizens, or both. However, if lawsuits are not the answer, then other massive, united efforts are going to need to be considered. Those committed to saving America need to be exploring all options now while there is still time and means to put them into action.

In the meantime, the actions provided throughout this article can achieve significant headway in turning the tide in our nation, especially if undertaken by millions of committed patriots.

Start today. We are fast approaching a point of no return. No more excuses. No more delays. Just as the Founders of this nation were confronted with a moment of decision, so are we. The only question that remains is “Will we answer the call?”

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