Rioters Rejoice as Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Announces Columbus Statue Will Be Torn Down, Possibly Tonight (VIDEO)

The nation’s most hideous mayor has announced that the statue of Christopher Columbus in Chicago’s Grant Park will be removed as soon as Thursday night.

Many Italian-American leaders in the city are condemning Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s decision.

Rioters had attempted, and failed, to remove the statue last week. They were stopped by riot police.

The rioters then had the audacity to file at least 20 complaints of police brutality against Chicago cops. One of them, an activist named Miracle Boyd, claims that she had a tooth knocked out after being hit in the face by an officer.

The Chicago Tribune reports that the decision to remove the statue was “in part to avoid another high-profile confrontation between police and protesters like the one that happened last week.””


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