Rep. Nadler and Democrats Reveal They Don’t Care About Truth — They Only Care About Power at any Cost

Jerry Nadler began today’s hearing with Attorney General Bill Barr with disgusting comments about the AG and the President of the United States Donald Trump. 

Nadler’s comments show that the Democrats are not after the truth but are all-in on the destruction of the United States.

Democrats do not want the truth but rather want to promote racism in the United States, despite offering little proof.  Democrats and Nadler reveal their goal is the destruction of buildings, institutions and the rule of law.  Democrat Rep. Jerry Nadler presented their case in his opening remarks this morning.

Nadler claimed the riots today were ‘peaceful protests’ which are led by mothers which is not only false but ridiculous:

Nadler claimed that AG Barr is working with President Trump to hide his crimes which were never found by the biased Mueller gang after a two year investigation.

ABC was happy to repeat Nadler’s remarks:

The Democrats don’t want justice they want to slander good people like Barr and President Trump with false allegations while allowing criminal acts within the Obama Administration which we now have evidence of taking place from being prosecuted:

Others see through the Democrats horrible accusations – they don’t want the truth, they want power:

The media is happy to promote liberal lies again and again – no apologies for the fraudulent statements they made related to the fraudulent Mueller case.  They’re all moving along with more lies and no apologies:


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