REMINDER: Mueller Gang Requested Corrupt Judge Amy Berman Jackson to Oversee Roger Stone Case

Roger Stone is going to prison after a kangaroo court overseen by Judge Amy Berman Jackson convicted him of bogus crimes in a criminal case that was a fraud (the Trump – Russia collusion case).  Not surprisingly the Mueller gang asked for Judge Jackson to oversee his case.

The corrupt Muller gang knew that President Trump had no connections to Russia when they joined the Mueller Special Counsel.  These gangsters wanted to see President Trump attempt to obstruct the fraudulent investigation in order to have him removed from office.

Fortunately for America, President Trump never committed any crimes and AG Barr came in and shut down the Mueller cabal.  Next, AG Barr began an investigation into the many presumed criminal actions taken by the Obama Administration to create the Mueller gang and harass President Trump during his entire Presidency.  Let’s hope and pray justice is finally served soon, if not, there will no longer be a free country.

Not only was the Mueller gang corrupt, its many associates in the government and judiciary were also corrupt, but perhaps none as corrupt as Judge Amy Berman Jackson.

In 2013 Judge Jackson rejected arguments from the Catholic Church that Obamacare’s requirements that employers provide cost free coverage to contraceptive services in spite of being contrary to their religious beliefs. This was overturned by the Supreme Court.

In 2017 Judge Jackson dismissed the wrongful death suit against Hillary Clinton filed by two of the families who lost loved ones in Benghazi. The families argued that Clinton had done little to help their sons and then lied to cover it up.

Then for some strange random string of luck, Judge Jackson was given a number of Mueller gang cases to oversee.  The Hill reported in March of 2019 on the many Mueller cases that landed under her realm [emphasis added]:

Lisa Klem, special assistant to Chief Judge Beryl Howell at the federal D.C. court, said Jackson was randomly assigned the criminal case that Mueller brought against Manafort and his associate Richard Gates, as well as the criminal case against 12 Russian military officers who were indicted on charges of conspiring to hack into networks used by the Democratic National Committee and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee ahead of the 2016 election.

The criminal cases against Alex van der Zwaan and Sam Patten were also given to Jackson, but Klem said that was because federal prosecutors has designated them as cases “related” to Manafort.

Van der Zwaan, a Dutch lawyer, was the first person charged in Mueller’s probe. He pleaded guilty to lying to Mueller’s office about his contacts with Gates and was sentenced to 30 days in prison.

Patten, a GOP consultant linked to Manafort, pleaded guilty in August to failing to register as a foreign agent while lobbying for a Russia-linked political party in Ukraine and agreed to cooperate with Mueller’s investigation. He is scheduled to be sentenced April 12.

The case against Roger Stone was also assigned to Jackson because Mueller and the U.S. Attorney’s Office in D.C. said it was related to the case against the 12 Russian officers.

The Stone case was to be randomly assigned but the Mueller gang petitioned the court and asked they assign the case to Judge Jackson.  The reasoning for the Mueller case was because the case was related to the Mueller gang’s indictment of a group of Russians who supposedly were involved in the hacking of the DNC and transmission of emails to WikiLeaks.

Stone’s team knew they wouldn’t get a fair trial under Judge Jackson so they petitioned the court to reassign the Stone case to a randomly appointed judge in DC on February 8, 2019:


Unfortunately for Roger Stone, Judge Jackson was on his case and the government declined Stone’s request for a non-biased judge:

Judge Jackson soon after this placed Stone under a gag order like she had done for Paul Manafort.  The case was hers.

Next somehow Judge Jackson was assigned to Obama White House counsel Greg Craig’s case related to the Mueller investigation.  The only individual related to Obama that was indicted in the investigation was then let go after Judge Jackson dismissed one of the two counts the Feds filed against him and then ultimately let him off all together.

After this Judge Jackson tossed a lawsuit over SPLC’s ‘Hate Group’ labels.

No individual who disagrees with Obama will ever receive justice in Judge Jackson’s court.  This is precisely why Mueller’s gang requested she oversee the bogus sham case of Roger Stone.

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