President Trump Still Living Inside Hillary’s Head – Sore Loser Hillary Can’t Get Over 2016 Loss

President Trump’s greatest accomplishment wasn’t beating Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Presidential campaign, it was beating her and living in her head ever since!

Hillary Clinton continues to show that she is suffering from a bad case of TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome).  She just can’t get over the fact that she lost the 2016 Presidential election to a man who had never run for politics before.

Yesterday, she showed President Trump is still living in her head:

Hillary responded to a tweet of an article at the Hill entitled:

Kellyanne Conway: “President Trump took on Hillary Clinton in all 3 debates. She looked like it was an indignity to share the stage with him.”

Hillary’s response was:

It was.  See: The last four years.

Hillary’s response tells us much about what she’s thinking, where her heart is, and why she lost:

  • She cannot get over her election day loss (she couldn’t even hold a concession speech the night of her loss and still is not over it today).
  • She is not able to admit that her efforts led to the four years of investigations and prosecutorial harassment of anyone who supported President Trump.  She was behind the Steele dossier which was a nasty made-up set of lies about President Trump which the Obama Administration used to spy on candidate and President Trump.  Hillary did this to the candidate she was running against. It was criminal.
  • Hillary is not willing to admit that President Trump is our greatest President in a century, if not ever.  He turned around the economy and made it the greatest ever.  He instituted America first policies that again put America the leader in so many ways – economic, oil production, stock markets, etc…
  • She still thinks she is better than others.  She is claiming it was indignant to stand beside the Republican Presidential candidate – a man who is a self-made billionaire, a real estate tycoon, a best selling author, the subject of the top TV show in the US for years, the father of brilliant and beautiful children and the husband of a Sports Illustrated super model.  If anyone should have felt that way, it was President Trump.

Americans thank God that Hillary was not elected President.  She hasn’t accepted that yet.

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