Portland Rioter Shot With Bean Bags Claims He Was ‘Peacefully Protesting,’ But Was Caught on Camera Starting Fire at Court House

A Portland rioter claimed in an interview with Blaze TV reporter Elijah Schaffer that he was shot with bean bag rounds for “peacefully protesting,” but little did he know, the sharp reporter had already caught him on camera starting a fire on federal grounds.

The man claimed that he was just banging on the fence and chanting that “Black Lives Matter” and “All Cops Are Bastards” when he was repeatedly hit. He also said that officers had zip ties and were attempting to arrest him, but he escaped.

“For just f-cking being here,” a woman named Victoria said as she helped pull up his shirt to show the marks where he was shot to the camera.

“I was peacefully protesting and uh, the federal agents come out and shot me with bean bags,” the man said, explaining that he was hit about six times.

“They tried to snatch me, they pulled out zipties, shot me with bean bags,” he said. “They tried to steal me.”

When asked by Schaffer if he was the same guy who had tried to start a fire, the man said no and suddenly tried to get his friend away from the interview.

“He failed to mention that he was also an arsonist who built an illegal fire on federal property,” Schaffer tweeted with a video of him fanning the flames.

“There’s always more to the story, that’s why reporters are there,” Schaffer added.


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