Michelle Malkin Slams Media for Their Framing of Violent Antifa Attack on Denver ‘Back the Blue’ Rally

Antifa militants violently attacked a Back the Blue rally in Denver on Sunday as police, clearly ordered to stand down, allowed it to happen.

Following the violent attack by black-clad militants holding weapons, the media painted the incident as a “clash” and acted as though both sides were instigating a fight. This was absolutely not the case.

“Dueling rallies in downtown Denver devolved into chaos and some violence Sunday afternoon as protesters crashed a pro-police rally in Civic Center,” the Denver Post wrote of the violence.

The patriots gathered at the Civic Center amphitheater were keeping to themselves, listening to a band play some Johnny Cash songs and waiting to listen to speakers, including Malkin of course, who was ultimately unable to speak as she had to flee the scene.

As the Gateway Pundit previously reported, Denver Police Chief Paul Pazen marched with Black Lives Matter thugs just last month.

The Gateway Pundit spoke to Malkin about the incident. She warned that people who want to publicly show their support for police will be left on their own to defend themselves — and if you do defend yourself, prepare to be demonized by the media.

“The false media framing of the siege in Denver tells you everything you need to know about the Fourth Estate. Local and national reporters called it a ‘clash.’ We didn’t meet in the middle somewhere. The BLM/Antifa mobsters announced beforehand that they would be ‘shutting us down.’ They marched unobstructed from the state capitol two blocks down to the Civic Center plaza, where we had our separate permitted event,” Malkin said. “THEY besieged us while Denver police watched and did nothing under obvious stand-down orders from the chief Paul Pazen, who had marched arm in arm with BLM less than four weeks ago.”

“Good-hearted people who want to show their support for police should be forewarned: You are on your own–and if you do defend yourselves, you will end up in prison or on the front pages of the propaganda press cast as a violent aggressor,” Malkin continued.

Laurel Imer, the Republican nominee for House District 24 in Colorado, told the local Fox affiliate that people were seriously injured at the event.

“Several people were carried off stage to ambulances. One of the leaders of the rally was attacked with a long board,” she said. “I think if the police had done their job properly they would have formed a line to allow us to have the rally. That is their first and sworn duty to American citizens, to protect all of us and they let us down.”

Only one person was arrested for the violent siege.


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