First Item in Sleepy Joe Biden’s Notes from Yesterday Was a Reminder Not to Hold a Grudge Against Kamala Harris

Former VP Joe Biden has to remind himself not to hold a grudge against California Senator Kamala Harris.  This was identified in notes Biden held yesterday at an event in Delaware.

The Democrat nominee for President, selected by the leadership of the Democrat Party just like Hillary Clinton in 2016, is noticeably old and losing it. Biden rarely exits his basement these days.  He was spotted feebly walking in DC a couple days ago but he is rarely outside of his small state since the beginning of the China coronavirus.  He holds no rallies because of limited excitement in his campaign and uses the coronavirus as a crutch and reason for not coming out of his basement.

Yesterday Biden started his talk to a tiny group at a Delaware outing and forgot where he was.  At the same briefing, Biden held notes that were spotted by the press.  At the top of his list of notes, Biden reminds himself about Senator Kamala Harris.  His first note to himself was not to hold a grudge:

Biden had to remind himself not to hold a grudge against Kamala Harris, and other positive comments about Harris.  Can you imagine any other candidate who has to remind himself of such a topic?  You would never see such a note with President Trump for sure.  Trump has more important things to note.

Also yesterday Politico posted an article claiming Kamala Harris was Biden’s running mate.
Then they panicked and scrubbed the police.

It appears Harris will be Biden’s VP pick.  She will have to campaign in the other 49 states.  The Biden campaign is hoping Sleepy Joe will remember not to hold a grudge against her over the next 99 days.

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