FIONA HILL – Schiff’s Star Witness and Colleague to Steele Dossier Primary Sub-Source Danchenko – Is More Russian than Most Russians

Fiona Hill, the star witness for the Democrat Representative Adam Schiff’s impeachment show trial, and the BFF of the Steele dossier’s PSS, is more Russian than most Russians.  

On Sunday we reported that Hill is a close associate of the Primary Sub-Source (PSS) for the Steele dossier – Igor Danchenko – the individual behind most of  the made up lies in the Steele dossier.

Danchenko is the one individual those looking into the Trump – Russia collusion fraud were after – the PSS – the individual who was behind the material amount of Steele dossier lies. At least two sources on the Internet have come to this conclusion.

One site that located the PSS is aptly named (We’ll refer to this individual and website as IFTPSS.)

IFTPSS provided information on the PSS Danchenko here that included a link to Danchenko’s senior thesis from University of Louisville where Danchenko thanks one of his professors – Fiona Hill!

The PSS was a lawyer and a Russian translator, and he also appears to have spent some time in Iran. He grew up in Russia and worked there as well.  Danchennko’s twitter account is now private, so you can’t see his tweets:

But we now know from IFTPSS that Danchenko was traveling to the Ukraine in April 2016, and later to Moscow, New York and London as well.

At some point Danchenko gave a presentation along with his former professor Fiona Hill – they both worked at the Brookings Institute:

Stephen McIntyre on Twitter confirmed the IFTPSS reporting that the PSS is Danchenko:

The connection to Fiona Hill is huge becaus it shows that Adam Schiff’s disgusting unconstitutional impeachment proceeding with his star witness, Fiona Hill, is a closely connected to the Russian scandal and the PSS.  No wonder the Deep State wanted Danchenko’s name hidden.

As we previously mentioned Roger Stone outed Fiona Hill in 2017 as a Deep State spy in the White House under then NSA Advisor General H. R. McMaster. The George Soros connected traitor was outed by Israeli spies as was reported by Stone at InfoWars.

According to her resume Fiona Hill worked for the George Soros Open Society Institute from 2000-2006, just 13 years ago.

Today we provide more information on Fiona Hill, the BFF of PSS Danchenko.

Author Diana West, provided us some excellent analysis that she uncovered on Fiona Hill during the Schiff impeachment charade.  In the first of her three essays on Hill, West shares the following on the Republican response to Schiff’s sham and Hill’s response to questions:

Reluctant or unable to imagine the war in these terms, Republicans have rallied as misdirected. In Adam Schiff’s kangaroo court of an “impeachment inquiry,” they did not call out the treason all around, or even stand up on their hind legs and ask Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman if the intelligence official he admitted leaking the Trump-Zelensky phone call to was, as reported, Eric “Whistleblower” Ciaramella of the CIA. By the way, in her October 14 deposition, Fiona Hill, another star chamber witness this week, *forgot* that it was Ciaramella who was NSC Ukraine director when she joined the White House. 

Hill clearly lied.  She knew the fake whistleblower in the impeachment sham, Eric Ciaramella, as well as the Steele dossier PSS.

In the second of her two articles covering Fiona Hill, West describes the media’s response to Fiona Hill’s public testimony where Hill claimed her non-partisan foreign policy expertise:

West shared:

So it was on entering heavy political seas that Fiona Hill ran up her halo and set course for the truth.

Cheering from afar, a host of media women in particular dabbed their eyes and prepared gushing tributes to their new “feminist” icon, which bobbed and gurgled in her wake. “Her legacy will be that of a woman who called out a dais full of powerful men…”  “She transcended politics, she transcended the moment. She was, simply, transcendent…”

Transcendant or not, in these prepared remarks Hill underscored for a second time her non-partisanship, stating: “I have built a career as a nonpartisan, non-political national security professional.”

I added the emphasis this time because Hill’s second statement, tweaked from “I am” non-partisan to “I have built a career as” a non-partisan, seems more accurate, and, in my reading, cancels out the first.

This is not hard to figure out. Just glancing over Mr. Putin: Operative in the Kremlin, a “non-partisan” Brookings Institution publication co-written by “non-partisan” Brookings fixtures Hill and her frequent  co-author Clifford G. Gaddy, “non-partisan” becomes a non-starter. On the book’s Amazon page, see former Vice President, Democratic presidentical candidate and Hunter Biden’s dad Joe Biden recommend the Hill-Gaddy book as “insightful.” Open the book and find a foreword by uber-globalist, Clintonista and longtime Brookings president Strobe Talbott. Not incidentally, when Talbott was nearways to a “Fiona Hill” of US-Russia relations in the 1990s, Russian intelligence considered Talbott to be a channel they could work through as a “special, unofficial contact.” On the back cover, blurbs stand out from Victoria Nuland’s husband, Robert Kagan, a Never-Trump, Hillary-supporting “neocon” who says President Trump has turned the USA into a “rogue power,” and John McLaughlin, the former acting director of the CIA who made terrifying headlines recently for a most sacriligious brand of thanksgiving: “Thank God for the Deep State.”

Kagan and Hill are both Stephen and Barbara Friedman fellows at Brookings, as Susan Rice used to be. Stephen Friedman, a retired chieftain of Goldman Sachs, was chairman of the President’s Intelligence Advisory Board (2005-2009).

There’s nothing wrong with associating Biden or Talbott or Kagan or McLaughlin with one’s work; but it is neither “non-partisan” nor “non-political” to do so. It is standard Swamp procedure.

Then in a third essay on Hill, West discussed Hill’s worldview related to the US and Russia and in particular Ronald Reagan. Hill’s introduction as moderator to a 30th anniversary Brookings Institution panel on the Reykjavik summit between Reagan and Gorbachev showed Hill’s admiration for Russia, not Reagan:

Apart from the war hysteria Hill conveys (which was not a feature of the 1980s as I lived through them), what do we notice?

To recap, briefly, pace Hill:

The Soviet Union was actually convinced the US was a clear and present danger. The Soviet Union was thoroughly convinced the United States was a nuclear threat. Reagan announced the development of S.D.I. and Andropov accused Reagan of plotting nuclear holocaust. Soviet warplanes shot down KAL 077 (believing it to be a spy plane). Reagan frightened everybody with his hot mic (“We will begin bombing in five minutes”). Complete panic set in, in Moscow. Only after Gorbachev came into power did things start to calm down.

Could there be a better word for Hill’s POV [point of view] than “Soviet”?

It’s not just that she has no appreciation for Ronald Reagan (let alone a glimmer of admiration). In each of her historical references, she seems to channel the Soviet opinion of him, and no other. We don’t even get the hoary fig leaf of “moral equivalence” which Enlightened Ones once used to cover their antipathies toward the non-communist West and justify all manner of communist crimes, from torturing dissidents at home, to spreading revolution, terrorism, narcotics, and subversion abroad. Notably, from Fiona Hill’s post-Soviet vantage point, there is not even this pox on both their houses.There is only a no-fault Kremlin bracing for the next dangerous launch of words by that frightening Reagan.

Fiona Hill, Ciaramella, Danchenko, Soros, Schiff and others should be arrested and charged with attempting a coup of the Trump Administration. This should be done today.

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