Far-Left Oregon Senator Merkley Says Trump Is “Trying To Create Riots Across America”

U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley, wackjob leftist from Oregon, is seemingly oblivious to the destruction caused by his crazed leftist friends every night in Portland, and he has been blaming Trump for the riots. Merkley has now taken his selective rhetoric to another level by accusing Trump of trying to create riots across the country.

He sat down with KOIN 6 this morning, and they report:

Declaring President Trump is “trying to create riots across America through secret police tactics as a campaign strategy,” Sen. Jeff Merkley laid into the administration for deploying federal agents from a variety of different agencies into Portland after weeks of localized unrest.

Merkley, who spoke with KOIN 6 News from his office in Washington, addressed a number of issues related to the ongoing protests in Portland and the escalation that began when the federal agents arrived in the city. Here is a lightly edited transcript of the interview. (Watch the unedited interview above.)

He is one of the sponsors of the Preventing Authoritarian Policing Tactics on America’s Streets Act, which among other things, would require individual and agency ID on officers uniforms and prevent unmarked cars from being used.

“It’s standard procedure for dictators and authoritarian governments to use unmarked vans and unmarked cars and sweep people off the streets in this kind of secret police strategy, not the strategy here in America,” he said.

“This is outrageous conduct by secret police strategy under Trump and we have to end it.”

He also thanked Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum for filing a federal lawsuit over 1st Amendment and 4th Amendment issues.

“There is now concern across the nation because President Trump, after bragging about attacking Portland in a campaign appearance, proceeded to say he wanted to do the same thing in Baltimore, in Philadelphia, in New York City, in Detroit, in Chicago, in Oakland.

“He’s trying to create riots across America through secret police tactics as a campaign strategy. And I want all of America to understand what he’s up to. It’s absolutely unacceptable and we the people, as a democratic republic, have to stand together, every citizen, for the civil rights of all,” Merkley told KOIN 6 News.

Full video of the interview via KOIN’s YouTube channel:

Merkley seems to be doing all his can to avoid criticizing, or even acknowledging, the far left rioters who have taken to the streets 55 nights straight to destroy the city. The most recently example of their terror is from late last night when they, once again, tried to set the federal courthouse on fire. According to Merkley, those people aren’t at all trying to create any riots.

Merkley would probably say that was Orange Man himself in disguise trying to incite things.


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