EXCLUSIVE: Laura Loomer Campaign for Congress Censored Again – This Time by Facebook

Facebook shuts down another conservative who loves America.  The Laura Loomer campaign was this hour’s conservative being censored by social media.

The below statement was provided by the Laura Loomer Campaign to Facebook and provided exclusively to the Gateway Pundit:

As proven by the Trump 2020 re-election campaign’s $47 million expenditure on Facebook this season, Facebook is a very important part of a digital campaign strategy.  Jared Kushner considered Facebook advertising vital to President Trump’s historic 2016 victory.

Yet for me, I’m the only federal candidate in the nation banned from advertising on Facebook. My competitor, Lois Frankel is running ads on Facebook to reach voters, and my campaign is shut out. This is illegal election interference. Facebook is giving illegal in kind contributions to my opponent. I demand Facebook reverse course or even the playing field by banning my competitor from advertising. If the idea of banning Lois Frankel from advertising on Facebook outrages you, you should be equally outraged over the fact that my campaign is universally de-platformed and is being denied equal access to run ads on Facebook.


This newest ban goes beyond just a ban of the Laura Loomer For Congress Facebook Page (which is required to run ads). My campaign was told that if a PAC attempted to advertise to promote my campaign, their ads would be taken down. Facebook said their new policy is that nothing about Laura Loomer is permitted and for the duration of the election cycle, my campaign will not get access to run any of our own ads.

The Laura Loomer for Congress Inc. Campaign represents more than just Laura Loomer, the candidate. It embodies a national movement, that radiates from within President Donald J. Trump’s home district, FL-21 and is made up of millions of voices from across the country. Many have become volunteers, donors and have pledged to vote for Laura Loomer in the August 18th primary and again in November to retire the radical, elitist, entrenched Democrat incumbent, Lois Frankel.

This community of citizens that are Republican, Democrat and Independent are choosing to support Laura Loomer for Congress to represent them in Washington, because she embodies their values, their morals, their beliefs and their norms. By Facebook banning Laura Loomer for Congress Campaign ads from running, they are essentially going against their own policy, and canceling millions of voices as well. This is a perfect example of how Big Tech is committing blatant election interference in the form of illegal in-kind contributions to the Democrat party and their candidates in a race that is taking place in the President’s backyard.” — Karen Giorno, Chief Strategist Laura Loomer For Congress.

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