BREAKING: The Real Bad Guys in the Epstein Case Uncovered – DIRECTOR ROBERT MUELLER’S FBI!

The Jeffrey Epstein case is full of bad characters and criminal actions, but perhaps no actions were more abhorrent than those taken, or not, by Robert Mueller’s FBI.

Last night court documents related to the Epstein case from 2008 were released to the public.  These documents show criminal actions by the rich and famous in abusing underage girls, provided to them by Epstein.  Epstein was eventually slapped on the wrist with a sentence that many claim was totally inadequate.

Techno Fog on Twitter was one of the first to review the released documents last night. His first tweets noted that the documents show that the child trafficking scheme was international.  Individuals like a French hotel magnate, Ghislaine Maxwell – Epstein’s accomplice, attorney Alan Dershowitz and Prince Andrew from the UK, are all named:

Former MIT scientist Marvin Minsky was identified at Epstein’s orgy island and there are numerous mentions of attorney Alan Dershowitz, who reportedly not only abused a minor but helped draft a document to exonerate himself:

President Bill Clinton is identified at Epstein’s Orgy Island with two unnamed young girls.  Epstein told Maxwell she did nothing wrong and instructs her on how to deny allegations:

The FBI was in contact with at least one of the young girls, who was abused in 2014, but did nothing.  Sadly, the minor victim was asking the FBI for the evidence they seized from Epstein (not currently known whether it was ever supplied):

The FBI had the infamous photo with Prince Andrew, and the minor victim for years, even before the victim’s 2011 interview.  Then the DOJ let Epstein’s co-conspirators off free:

In 2008 the main justice in DC worked out the plea deal with Epstein, knowing it had not interviewed all the victims in the case:

We reported over a year ago that:

Newly uncovered documents from pedophile multi-millionaire Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking case in Florida show that corrupt former FBI Directors Robert Mueller and James Comey worked with the attorney that stepped in at the last minute to hide the identity of someone powerful and rich involved in the case.

We also reported over a year ago that a mother of one of the victims singled out Mueller for ignoring her calls for help.

Then when Jeffrey Epstein was arrested we reported:

It is well documented that former President Bill Clinton flew on convicted child sex offender Jeffrey Epstein’s private jet.

And Robert Mueller was FBI director when Epstein was given a lenient 13 month jail stint for his years of child sex abuse.

The Epstein case was run out of DC and it appears that Epstein may have been an informant for Mueller’s FBI:

Cernovich noted this as well:

We’ve known for a long time that Robert Mueller’s FBI was connected with, and eventually ran, the Epstein case.  The result was a very light sentence for one of the most sinister criminals in US history.

Update: samples of unsealed notes, via Techno Fog – click on the tweet time-line and you will see way more; please note that Comey was FBI director in 2014:

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