BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Same Firm Behind Fake Russian Garbage Report Is Behind Fake Report Facebook Used to Shut Down Roger Stone’s Account Yesterday

The firm that created a bogus report that was used to connect Russian troll farms to the 2016 election is the same firm that was used by Facebook to shut down Roger Stone’s account yesterday.

Yesterday it was reported that Roger Stone’s Facebook account was taken down due to actions by Stone that were against Facebook policy.  The Wall Street Journal reported:

Facebook Inc. on Wednesday said it had removed a network of more than 100 pages and accounts linked to Roger Stone, the longtime confidant of President Trump, because it violated the company’s rules against coordinated inauthentic behavior.

Mr. Stone and his associates used fake Facebook and Instagram accounts that were active since at least 2015 to promote media appearances and amplify material related to the release of hacked Democratic emails during the 2016 election by the antisecrecy group WikiLeaks, Facebook said.

The firm that was behind the report that was used by Facebook is led by former Google Executive Camille Francois.  She also was behind bogus reporting about Russian troll farms promoted by the MSM and used by the Mueller team to indict a number of Russians in the corrupt and criminal Mueller Special Counsel:

Camille François is a veteran of Alphabet, most recently at Google’s analytics offshoot Jigsaw. She left the tech giant eight months ago to lead research and analysis at Graphika, a social network analysis company, where she was this week named chief innovation officer.

One of her first assignments there was to help spearhead a secretive project at the behest of the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, alongside Graphika CEO John Kelly and a team of researchers from Oxford University. The report, released in December 2018, was the first to take a data-driven magnifying glass to how the Russians used social media networks like Facebook and Twitter to try to influence the 2016 election.

Inspired by the massive Senate project, François took a separate tack from the formal research and went down the troll-farm rabbit hole. She talked to some of the actual foot soldiers who worked on these influence campaigns to spread misinformation, harass people and magnify divisive news stories to try and sway voters. What she discovered could help countries fight foreign-sponsored attempts to influence elections in the future.

What is not provided  or easily obtained, if it is, is the dollars spent by Russia to influence the 2016 election.  Ms. Francios notes around 3,000 Facebook ads supposedly paid for by Russia which would amount to fractions of pennies of the total number of ads and representative ad dollars spent in 2016.  This alone indicates that the report was bogus.

Yesterday the same firm, Graphika, created the bogus report that tied Roger Stone to various other accounts.  This report as well is invalid.  Mr. Stone was given no explanation as to why his accounts were banned and called it a “railroad job” meant to silence him as he fights for a pardon from his longtime friend President Donald Trump.

“We have been exposing the railroad job that was so deep and so obvious during my trial, which is why they must silence me. As they will soon learn, I cannot and will not be silenced.”

In a Statement last night reported here – Roger Stone said this:

The reasons for this extraordinary act of censorship which Facebook and Instagram give is entirely fabricated, totally lacking in any proof and part of a larger effort to censor supporters of the President, Republicans and conservatives on social media platforms. Words on a piece of paper or an e-mail are not proof. False testimony to an FBI Agent or a Grand Jury are not proof. The extraordinary blend of hearsay, perjury, obfuscation and fantasy that flowed from the mouth of Aaron Zelinsky in his sworn testimony last week is not proof.

The claim that I have utilized or controlled unauthorized or fake accounts on any platform is categorically and provably false. This false claim was included by the Special Counsel in their request for search warrants which included the testimony of an unidentified witness who claimed I controlled hundreds of Facebook accounts. The search warrant was not accompanied by any proof or evidence that this was the case, that’s because it is categorically false. I would also point out that when they received their search warrants they found no evidence whatsoever to verify this false claim which is now being recycled by Facebook and Instagram.

The evidence is in Rogers Stone’s favor.





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