Violent BLM Protesters Mistake Random Asian Guy For Andy Ngo In Portland (Video)

You seriously can’t make this stuff up! Laden with irony so thick you’d need a chainsaw to cut through it, the delusional Black Lives Matter protesters in Portland are seen on video accosting a random Asian man walking through the crowd, accusing him of being Andy Ngo.

Apparently, all Asians look the same to the predominantly white virtue signalers in Portland.

After a small gaggle of commies calls him out, he comes over saying “Do you think that I’m Andy Ngo? Is that what you’re thinking? You racist c*nuts!” Apparently this is the third time it’s happened to the guy at protests. To make matters even more hilariously ironic, they accuse the guy of doing this on purpose just to antagonize people.

Existing as an Asian in a radical Antifa crowd can now be dangerous.

Note the National Lawyers Guild legal observers. Can’t help but wonder what they’re scribbling down on their notepads as this scene plays out.

That’s right, the ears match, so it must be him!

Apparently standing up for racial justice means harassing people of other races.


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