Black Militia Vows to ‘Burn Down’ Louisville in Four Weeks if Cops Involved in Death of Breonna Taylor Aren’t Arrested

After one of their members shot himself and one of his comrades, the black militia marching through Louisville on Saturday vowed to burn down the city in four weeks if cops involved in death of Breonna Taylor are not arrested.

The militia leader, known as “Grandmaster Jay,” was not immediately arrested for the terroristic threat.

The militia, which call themselves the “Not F-cking Around Coalition,” had a rough start to their march as one of their militants shot himself in the leg and another member in the hand.

“One person of the #NFAC militia group accidentally discharged his weapon injuring himself and one other individual. Both individuals have been taken away by EMS. One shot in the leg and one shot in the hand,” reported on Twitter.

During a previous march by the group, the armed militants confronted white drivers — stopping their cars and demanding reparations.


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