“I Always Knew that Hillary Was a Short-Tempered, Foul Mouthed, Self-Centered, Entitled Psychopath” EXCLUSIVE – Roger Stone Responds to Crooked Hillary

Crooked Hillary Clinton was on far-left MSNBC this week and she couldn’t help herself – she criticized and slandered both President Trump and Roger Stone.  Roger Stone shared with the Gateway Pundit his thoughts about Hillary’s interview.

The MSNBC interview started with the host sharing a clip of candidate Trump right after the Republican convention in 2016.  Candidate Trump mentioned in jest in that if Russia has the Hillary emails, to please release them.  Of course MSNBC took this clip out of context.  They still want to believe that President Trump is working for the Russians – the greatest lie in US history – a lie that ignored the potential of starting a world nuclear war in an effort to help Hillary win the Presidency.

Hillary as we now know was behind the slanderous and fraudulent Steele dossier used by Obama’s Deep State FBI and Justice Department to harass candidate and President Trump and have him removed from office after he defeated Hillary in the 2016 election.  But the coup failed and there are new hopes that some day the investigation into this criminal scandal by numerous Deep State operatives, including former President Obama and his VP Biden, will lead to indictments and justice.

Below is the clip from MSNBC:

In an exclusive, Roger Stone shared with the Gateway Pundit his thoughts on Hillary’s comments made on MSNBC.  Here are some comments from Mr. Stone:

I always knew that Hillary Clinton was a short-tempered, foul mouthed, self-centered, entitled psychopath but I have now reached the point where I fervently believe that her upset loss to the insurgent campaign of Donald Trump in 2016 has literally driven her insane. 

Days after President Donald Trump commuted the sentence for my conviction in the epically rigged Soviet style show trial I was subjected to by Robert Mueller’s dirty cops and the incredibly corrupt DC court system, Hillary Clinton was back recycling an entirely false left-wing conspiracy theory that was disproven by the very Mueller investigation that she cheered on.

The false narrative goes like this; “Roger Stone traded his silence about acts of misconduct or other inappropriate activity by Donald Trump in return for the commutation of his sentence. Stone even bragged about it.”   The problem with this claim is that it has no basis in fact nor evidence to support it.  In fact, it is contrary to what I have correctly said repeatedly-that Mueller’s prosecutors pressured me to cooperate with their witch-hunt and to bear false witness against the President regarding numerous communications between candidate Trump and me in 2016.

Stone shared that Hillary is oblivious to the fact that she laundered money to pay for the Steele dossier but now claims Trump’s commutation of Stone is part of a coverup.  Then he shared:

Since the day of my commutation Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler and the most corrupt prosecutor in US history Andrew Weissmann have all repeated this bogus claim.  They all do so cleverly taking my public statements in which I said repeatedly that the Mueller prosecutors wanted me to “come clean” and “confess” and offer false testimony against the President that could then be used as an article of impeachment.  In fact on March 14, 2019 an assistant US Attorney on the Mueller team met privately with one of my attorneys to propose my cooperation in return for unspecified leniency in my sentence.

On the heels of all of these unsupportable claims- none of which Mueller with his unlimited budget and extraordinary investigative authority could find – come literally dozens of op-ed pieces by left-wing law professors claiming that the commutation of my sentence by the President is flawed because he in essence used his commutation to cover up his own illegal acts.  Given that there is no evidence or proof of this, any lawyer who writes this should be disbarred.  But then liberals never let facts get in the way of a good left-wing conspiracy theory.

The greatest thing President Trump has done to save America is beat Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election – and even greater is the fact that he now lives inside her head for eternity.

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