VIDEO: Joey Salads Goes Undercover In LA Protest, Exposes The Violent Troublemakers, Praises The Peaceful Protesters

YouTube personality and former congressional candidate Joey Salads bloc’ed up and joined one of the George Floyd protests in Los Angeles this past week. After prefacing the video with his sympathy for George Floyd, he says “I went undercover because I wanted to understand, what makes these protesters turn into riots. Who is the instigator and who are the people enabling the looting and rioting? And we found out exactly the source of the problem.”

Salads, whose real last name is Saladino, filmed his adventure. “Walking around I saw multiple people with metal bats hanging out of their backpacks, hatchets in their back pocket, and spray paint in their jacket.” Of course many of those were the troublemakers.

He points out the people who were being peaceful, and those who wanted to loot and fight with police. Some scenes get a little tense as the video shows, with the infighting amongst the protesters and a few people getting in his face.

Salads also praises the protesters who helped to keep the peace, who stood up to the looters who wanted to take advantage of the chaos and those who wanted to cause trouble with the police. He has a good chat with one of the guys who repeatedly worked to keep the peace. Some of the other protesters wanted to fight the ones calling for peace.

In another scene, Salads witnessed some of the protesters jump in front of the rioters to stop them from smashing out a Walgreens. That incident was also captured by the Fox 11 news chopper.

One of the tactics of the looters seems to be to wait around until the bulk of the protest has passed by, then start smashing out the windows and stealing things, so there isn’t anyone around to stop them.

The protest started to wind down as the evening wore on. Cue the skinny white suburban activists doing their antifa thing.

He concludes there are three main groups; The honest, peaceful protesters who want to enact change; The violent protesters who want a hostile revolution; and the opportunists who prey on the situation to loot.




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