Trump Blasts the Media for Ignoring Coronavirus During Their Coverage of BLM Riots

President Donald Trump criticized the media for ignoring the coronavirus risks while covering the Black Lives Matter riots during his campaign speech in Oklahoma on Saturday.

The president said that the mainstream media is being manipulative with their coverage, which has been overwhelmingly negative towards largely right-wing shut down protesters and positive towards BLM rioters.

“And they [US media] never talk about COVID … when you see 25,000 people walking down 5th Avenue or walking down a street of a Democrat-run city you never hear them saying ‘They’re not wearing their mask,’” Trump said.

“When I say the looters, the anarchists, the agitators, they say ‘What a terrible thing for our president to say!’ … But you don’t hear them talking about COVID, to be specific COVID-19, that name gets further and further away from China as opposed to calling it the Chinese virus,” Trump continued.

The Tulsa rally was his first since March, due to the virus and mandatory social distancing measures. Unlike the riots, there was a health check point for the rally.

Ironically, the media illustrated his point perfectly as they criticized Trump supporters who attended that very rally for their lack of masks, while never doing the same with the BLM rioters.


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