Seattle: NBC Reporter Hit With Firework, Still Refers To “Peaceful” Protest

On the fourth night of protests-turned-riots, the same verse was repeating in Seattle, where things got out of hand, police declared a riot, and used explosives and tear gas to break up the crowds.

In the middle of it was NBC reporter Jo Ling Kent, complete with gas mask. As one skirmish was unfolding, and people were darting in various directions, she was hit with what looks to be firework, likely launched from one of the antifa terrorists. And right before she went live it appeared as though rioters were trying to disable her equipment. You can one woman (?) shrieking “YOU SORRY BITCH!” And it was all caught on video as she was reporting live!

UPDATE (clarification): Given the chaotic nature of the scene, it’s hard to tell exactly who lobbed the firework. Protesters are seen shooting off fireworks just seconds before the object hit her. It’s unclear whether or not that is a line of police way in the background or black clad rioters.

Reminiscent of last weeks quip about the protests in Minneapolis being “mostly peaceful” as buildings burned in the backround,  literally at the same time the MSNBC YouTube Channel posted that video, they also posted a video about how “peaceful” the protest was:

Kent later reported that she was alright:

Of course crazed leftists were quick to blame police and say it was one of the blast balls or some other device launched an officer:

Here’s the key moment where the protest went from peaceful to police launching tear gas:

Seattle Police declared it a riot:

The crowd also started popping earlier in the day when several men started accosting a female reporter:

Comments like this were rolling in:

One Seattle city council member openly endorsed the looting:



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