Leftist Protesters Topple Thomas Jefferson Statue In Portland

No, nothing is sacred anymore. While the protesters at least have a point when it comes to wanting to remove Confederate statues, they are now targeting statues of our nation’s founding fathers. Black Lives Matter protesters tied ropes around the statue of Thomas Jefferson that sits out front of Jefferson High School, in Portland, and pulled the statue to the ground, after spray painting “Slave Owner” and “George Floyd 846” on the pedestal. They then smashed the statue with what appears to be a sledgehammer or an axe.

The incident, which featured both black and white people, was captured on video.

The Oregonian reports:

At about 7:15 p.m., a crowd of more than 1,000 left the high school grounds to march to the park. By the time they returned, a statue of Thomas Jefferson had been pulled from its pedestal, apparently by a smaller group. The statue fell on its side and a dent was visible in the concrete where it fell.

Earlier in the day, the statue’s pedestal had been defaced with graffiti that, among other things, identified Jefferson as a slave owner.

Jefferson, the author of the Declaration of Independence that declared “that all men are created equal,” publicly decried slavery even as he owned more than a hundred slaves at a time and profited from their forced labor.

It was unclear when the statue was taken down, but by 10 p.m. when dozens of protesters streamed back onto the football field at Jefferson High School, the statue was no longer standing.


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