Police Officers Guild President Blasts Seattle Leadership Following Deadly Shooting at CHAZ/CHOP

Police Officers Guild President Michael Solan blasted Seattle’s leadership on Saturday for enabling the conditions that are making it unsafe for police officers to do their job in the city.

Two people were shot, one fatally, at CHAZ/CHOP early Saturday morning. Police had difficulty getting to the victim to help him due to the extreme lawlessness allowed to take over the area by the mayor.

“Early this morning, that violence was raw and real where one of our community members lost their life, and police are still not allowed into that area and were prevented to providing that police service to the area to locate victims and/or render aid. [It’s] very troubling what’s going on,” Solan said on Fox News.

“And again, we’re left wondering, what’s next?” he asked. “And, now our elected officials have removed our ability to have less lethal chemical munitions that are effective for us to disburse unruly, violent crowds to protect those police facilities, let alone ourselves.”


Solan called the situation “very, very troubling” and urged people across the nation to be aware of what is happening there.

“So, we’re in a very, very troubling time in Seattle, and it’s deeply concerning that everybody across this country needs to be aware of what’s going on in Seattle,” he said.

Rioters took over a six square block area of Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood earlier this month. They have been allowed to continue their game with the blessing of Mayor Jenny Durkan. She has compared the chaos to a “block party.”

“It’s not an armed takeover. It’s not a military junta. We will make sure that we can restore this. But we have block parties and the like in this part of Seattle all the time. It’s known for that,” Mayor Durkan said.

President Donald Trump also blasted the takeover during his rally Saturday in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

“So, they take over a big chunk of a city called Seattle. We are not talking about some little place. We’re talking about Seattle. Have you ever been to Seattle?” Trump said. “They took over a big chunk. And the governor who is radical left — all of these places I talk about are Democrat. You know that. Every one of them.”

“Any time you want, we’ll come in. We’ll straighten it out in one hour or less. Now, I may be wrong, but it’s probably better for us to just to watch that disaster,” Trump added.


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