Muslim Black Lives Matter Activist Umar Lee Organizing Mob to Target Home of St. Louis Archbishop — Is Leading Efforts to Rename St. Louis City

Umar Lee and Archbishop Mitchell Rozanski

A radical Muslim Black Lives Matter activist in St. Louis is calling for a mob to target the home of Archbishop Mitchell Rozanski in the middle of the night.

In an event page for the “home visit,” organizer Umar Lee is urging people to go to the Archbishop’s home at 1 a.m. on Wednesday.

Lee was also responsible for the violent mob that showed up and assaulted Christians who were praying the rosary at the statue of King Louis IX which was organized by the Gateway Pundit. He had falsely claimed that it was a “KKK rally” in order to get people to show up and scream in the faces of clergy and assault innocent people who showed up to pray.

“This Saturday we held a successful rally with over 200 people calling for the removal of the King Louis IX statue in Forest Park due to his violent, antisemitic, Islamophobic, and anti-black legacy. To continue the momentum of that great event in which we successfully ran off White Nationalists we will attempt to meet with the new Archbishop of the St. Louis Archdiocese and ask him to help to mediate and diffuse the situation by buying the monument from the city and putting it on private church property. The date and time listed here isn’t the exact date and time. Sign up to attend and you will later be advised,” the event page states. “In the meantime please sign-up to canvas and lobby your member of the Board of Alderman on the issue.”

At this time, only 13 people have expressed interest in going on the page, but Lee has been successful in drawing crowds for his events.

On Facebook, Lee had expressed severe disdain for Christians, especially Catholics, who he has accused of working with “white supremacists.”