Kansas State Student Suspended From Twitter Over Joke About George Floyd, Accounts Threatening to Kill Him Remain Active

Conservative Kansas State student Jaden McNeil has been the target of countless death threats and attempts to get him expelled from his college over a joke that he made about George Floyd earlier this week — and now Twitter has suspended his account for it.

McNeil is an America First conservative who has become quite popular for his gaming live-streams on DLive.

In a tweet, he jokingly congratulated George Floyd on “being drug free for an entire month!” A once common quip that has been made in various forms about many drug addicted celebrities who have passed away, notably including Whitney Houston and Amy Winehouse.

After uproar from a leftist mob, including many of the university’s sports players, Kansas State announced that they were launching an “investigation” into the matter to “review the university’s options.” They did not mention any investigation into the countless students who threatened the life of McNeil over the joke.

Even verified users joined the pile on to threaten or encourage violence against McNeil, without Twitter taking any action against their accounts.

Both Twitter and Kansas State have now condemned, and arguably helped to incite a mob against McNeil, over a joke, while failing to condemn or take action against actual violent rhetoric directed towards him.

McNeil’s Twitter account is now suspended for 12 hours while people continue to libel him, without being able to defend himself.

In a statement from Kansas State President Richard B. Myers, he said that “I want our community members to show empathy and be allies for one another. Students who do not want to treat people with dignity and respect should consider whether K-State is the right place for them, because K-State will not waver in its efforts to build an empathetic, diverse and inclusive campus community.”

Myers added that “we should and we will all work relentlessly to eliminate racism at K-State and to promote social justice.” He did not mention any of the threats against McNeil, at all.

“I was making a joke drawing attention to George Floyd not being the ‘gentle giant’ the media portrayed him to be and that set off the leftist mob,” McNeil told the Gateway Pundit. “These people doxx and call for violence against me under their real names with zero repercussions while simultaneously claiming that I am the bad guy and calling for my expulsion.”

The Gateway Pundit has reached out to Kansas State to ask about their policy on violent threats towards fellow students and whether or not they will be disciplined. We will update this story if a comment is provided.

When Kaitlin Bennett of Liberty Hangout contacted Kansas State, they pretended to be unaware of the threats against him from his fellow students. The Gateway Pundit has emailed screenshots and names to their office.

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