Idiot St. Louis Leftists Force Tower Grove Park to Remove Columbus Statue Because He was a “War Criminal who Raped, Tortured, Murdered”

The Democrat Party is destroying the country.

Some idiot named Rachel Sender who is from New Jersey passed around a petition in St. Louis to remove the 150-year-old statue of Christopher Columbus in Tower Grove Park.

Rachel Sender’s petition claimed Christopher Columbus was “a war criminal who raped, tortured, pillaged and murdered the people indigenous to the land he stole.”

These attacks on Columbus come from Howard Zinn’s fictional depiction of America – People’s History of the United States – meant to destroy this country’s history and culture.

If you destroy America’s founders and architects you destroy America.
That appears to be the Democrat Party’s goal in 2020.

Rachel Sender is from New Jersey and moved to St. Louis three years ago.
Via The Riverfront Times:

Sender, 28, grew up in South Orange, N.J. and moved three years ago to St. Louis to pursue a doctoral degree in biological anthropology at Washington University.

She now lives in the Shaw Neighborhood, where she noticed the Columbus statue during walks with her dog.

“When I first moved to the area, I saw the little sign that said it was controversial and they were working on steps toward addressing that,” she says. “Which I thought was great and was really proud of. But then I learned that ultimately they decided to leave the statue up.”

Over the past few weeks, with a current nationwide movement toward ending racism and promoting racial justice gaining traction, Sender started to look for online petitions calling for the Columbus statue’s removal. She couldn’t find any.

“So I thought that I would put it out there,” she says.

Like countless other American school children, Sender says she was taught as a young girl that Columbus was a great hero. As she grew older, though, she learned about the famed explorer’s darker legacy.

“In actuality, if you read the records, first of all he didn’t ‘discover’ America,” she says. “Because people lived here for 14,000 years before he arrived. And when he got here, he was one of the first people to become a transatlantic slave trader … He was known for cruelly murdering people, cutting off their hands if they didn’t bring him gold. I think he wasn’t what should symbolize America, and any community here. I think we can do better.

Sender says she hasn’t really thought about who should take the place of the Columbus statue in the event it is removed.

“It’s a really good question,” she says. “Maybe the Italian community here in St. Louis can figure out who they would want to represent them. Or perhaps it could be a Native-American. All the statues in St. Louis seem to be of old white men.”

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