Exclusive: Rioters Attacked My Home and Jared Holt Created a Wild Conspiracy Theory to Cover for Them

From May 29th through June 1, I was subjected to a barrage of hundreds of death threats, rape threats, and doxed for having the audacity to speak out against the rioting, looting and murdering that was sweeping this nation.

I had texted my friends saying that these threats seemed very different than the ones I regularly receive and that I was starting to get afraid, but that I did not want to stop speaking out because then the people terrorizing me would win. Even an elected official, Rep. Paul Gosar, commented about the severe threats.

People had attempted to get me fired from my job here at Gateway Pundit, and at District Herald, which I own, but when they were unsuccessful, things accelerated at a rapid pace. Unable to destroy my livelihood, they took aim at my home.

Shortly before 4 a.m. on June 1, a car drove past my house at an obscene speed. I messaged my boyfriend saying that it had frightened me given the threats that were circulating online, but that it was probably just some people street racing because there were riots happening and police were busy handling that. I lived on a very quiet street on the outskirts of DC, and there was a riot happening a couple miles away. They had just set fire to a historic church.

Approximately 15 minutes later, the car sped by again, but this time they hit the brakes hard as they turned at the intersection in front of my home. I heard the wheels screech as they came to a halt outside. Moments later, my house that had been pitch black was lit up as fireworks hit the windows from three sides. I grabbed a revolver and positioned myself behind a wall that separated where my dining room and living room were from my bedroom and bathroom. My daughter was sleeping in her room in the back of the house. As I held the gun fixed at the windows, I called 9-1-1 with my other hand. These were not some bottle rockets or fountain sparklers, they sounded massive, like the kind you’d buy for a commercial display. It sounded like gunshots were also being fired.

During this, my nine-year-old daughter woke up terrified, asking what was happening. I told her to go lay on the floor in her room and close the door. She called my father on Skype during this time, horrified. She saw and heard everything.

The dispatcher could not tell me when the police would arrive because of the riots happening downtown. I said “they’re here” as the fireworks stopped and someone began hitting the windows on the corner of my house. I was terrified that they were going to break through and kill me. I was hoping there were fewer than six because I only had a revolver.

I hung up with the dispatcher and called a friend who lived five minutes away. They arrived minutes later, guns in hand, and searched the area.

About 15 minutes later police arrived and also conducted a search. They found shrapnel and large boxes of lit off fireworks that appeared to be commercial grade in front of my next door neighbors house. It is unclear if they were fired from there or dropped there as they sped off. My neighbors saw the car. Police told me to go somewhere safe and an officer sat outside my home until I left.

After I tweeted about the incident and my intention to move as fast as possible, since my daughter is scared to ever return to that house, Ezra Levant of Rebel Media called me and asked how he could help. I was still shaken up and somewhat shell shocked and told him I was fine. He offered to create a GoFundMe to help with my moving expenses. I assumed maybe a couple friends would pitch in and it would help me cover an Airbnb for a few days while I figured out what to do. Instead, the wonderful and kind people online raised $24,000 (Canadian) and enabled me to quickly find a place, get a truck, send my daughter to Massachusetts to stay with my family for a couple of weeks, and move. I could not have done it without those people and will be eternally grateful.

In the aftermath, left-wing conspiracy theorist and smear merchant Jared Holt of Right-Wing Watch would start digging around and implying I made the whole thing up. He harassed me, my ex-boyfriend, and my neighbors in his frantic efforts, part of a wider attempt by left-wing liars to prove that Antifa violence isn’t real. 

Instead of proving it was a hoax, like he clearly hoped, he found that it did actually happen and that police found evidence and my neighbors were also awakened by the chaos. Unable to claim I lied about the whole thing, he invented a conspiracy theory that, yes it happened, but that it was not directed towards me and people just happened to shoot fireworks on my small and quiet street hours after my address was posted online.

To be clear, here are some facts that are not disputed by Jared Holt. 

He doesn’t dispute that I was flooded with threats of violence and death in advance of the attack (one verified Twitter user said I deserved a “bullet in the back of my skull” – he’s still verified). 

He doesn’t dispute that my address was posted online a few hours before the attack.

He doesn’t dispute that left-wing activists frequently have no problem physically attacking reporters who question their narratives —  just a few days earlier, D.C’s left-wing thugs assaulted two conservative reporters outside the White House. 

He doesn’t dispute that fireworks, and firework debris was found in the vicinity of my home, confirmed by police. 

Jared Holt doesn’t dispute any of these facts. Instead, like all good conspiracy theorists, he claims they’re just all a set of coincidences

He claims he spoke to “eight” neighbors who doubted my story and are somehow psychic and knew the attackers motives, despite none of us knowing who actually did it. He discussed speaking to my neighbors across the street who had Black Lives Matter signs in the window, claiming that they said I am “full of shit.” I had always been friendly with these neighbors, they even came to my Halloween party in October, so I was shocked and honestly a little hurt by their allegations.

The RWW article not only accused me of lying, they implied that I am a criminal who defrauded people with a giant conspiracy and possibly made a false 9-1-1 call. They also downplayed the severity of the threats against me, the doxing, and the attack itself because of my political beliefs. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised – these are the same kinds of people who tried to justify brutally violent threats against high school kids for wearing MAGA hats and smiling the wrong way. 

His claims were spread in the Daily Dot, who falsely labeled the entire incident a “hoax” without any evidence, British far-left blog the Independent, and was shared by leftist activists with millions of followers on social media.

But, it turns out, my former neighbors say they never spoke to him, at all.

“Fairbanks’ ​neighbor​ who lived across the road from her​ old Washington home gazed across the street after RWW told him about her claims and her fundraiser. He sighed. ‘She’s full of shit, man,’” Holt claimed in his wild tale.

My boyfriend Brett MacDonald went to the neighbor’s house that Holt described on June 21 and asked them why they had said what they did. He had been at my house grabbing some items I had left behind and saw them outside on their porch. They were confused, said they never spoke to him, and explained that they would be willing to go on record saying so. They also stated that they saw and heard the incident and saw the police arrive. 

He recorded that conversation.

The only other house that matched the description in Holt’s article is a block away, around a bend, and could not have seen what happened outside my home that morning. They certainly are not “across the road.” Other nearby neighbors and a police officer I spoke to confirmed the events as I explained above.

The facts of the matter are beyond even Holt’s ability to dispute. For speaking out against the animals tearing our cities apart, I was flooded with online threats and my address was posted online. Hours later, a car pulls up to my house, which is then bombarded with fireworks. Witnesses confirm it. Police arrive and confirm it. 

But you know the left – no amount of punishment is enough. It wasn’t enough that my home address was compromised, that my daughter was traumatized, that she’ll be having nightmares about it for the next year. They also want the world to believe I’m a liar as well. 

Just like the riots themselves, that they call “peaceful protests,” they want you to doubt what’s right in front of your face. Fuck them. Whether it’s the United Nations or vultures like Jared Holt, they want to run cover for the monsters responsible. Holt is not a journalist. He is a conspiracy theorist and propagandist, and should be treated as such. 


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