Company Hired To Contact Trace Americans in Multiple States Has CEO Who Falsified Educational Background

The company hired in Texas and New York to perform contact tracing activities is led by an individual who has reportedly falsified his educational background.  This is not the person you want to be telling you that you have to go on a 14 day quarantine because he claims you ran into someone with an infectious disease.

A company by the name of MTX Group was recently hired in New York and Texas to perform contact tracing activities for these states.   MTX will ensure everyone who comes in contact with individuals these states don’t want you to come in contact with, are identified and forced into quarantines.

MTX describes on its website its products, one of which is election canvasing.  In its description for this product, the company shows an electoral college map with Hillary receiving 322 delegates to President Trump’s 216:

Contact tracing is a very questionable practice which was invented with the advent of the coronavirus and it is clearly unconstitutional from an individual rights point of view.  The longer term fear is that corrupt governments will identify and track political opponents and use contact tracing to keep political enemies in quarantine forever.

The firm hired in Texas to be in charge of contact tracing, MTX Group, was given a large contract and some are questioning their hiring:

Jay Root, an investigative reporter for The Houston Chronicle, told Texas Standard host David Brown on Tuesday that there is little evidence the company, MTX Group, has the qualifications to manage contact tracing in Texas. He and colleague Jeremy Blackman investigated the contract for a recent Chronicle story.

In its bid to the state, MTX Group proposed to set up a call center and hire contact-tracing agents whose job it is to figure out with whom a person with COVID-19 has been in contact in recent weeks. The company claims to have set up a similar operation in the state of New York, but has not yet spent any of the $46 million awarded as part of its contract there, according to Root and Blackman’s reporting.

MTX Group is led by a husband and wife team, Das and Nipa Nobel :

But Das has a questionable past.  He reportedly doctored his educational background on LinkedIn where he claims to have a doctorate:

The CEO of a technology company that has been entrusted with state contact tracing efforts for Texans exposed to the coronavirus has claimed a doctorate he never got, according to a Houston-based podcast.

Das Nobel, CEO of MTX Group Inc., says in an online profile on LinkedIn that he has a “Doctorate of Management, Organizational Development and Leadership” from Colorado Technical University, and that he attended the school from 2008-2012.

Here is what is still reported on LinkedIn:

With the advent of COVID, state governments are claiming they have the right to know where everyone is and who they are in contact with.  This Orwellian gimmick to control and track all Americans  has obvious privacy concerns.  For example, if the government uses this technology to claim it has the right to force you to take a vaccine then who will be there to protect you if the vaccine actually does you more harm than good?

As we reported in May, through contact tracing, governments will track you and tell you what you can and cannot do.  Freedom will be lost forever.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot cheered the news that Chicago is hiring 600 tracers to track its citizens over coronavirus.

We shared a video that explains what this madness is.  Here are some observations from the video:

  1. Of course John Hopkins offers contact tracer training (connected to the scary overboard coronavirus chart)
  2. Based on you coming in contact with a person who has COVID-19 you will be placed in total isolation for 10 days
  3. If you have no way of not sharing a bathroom you will need to be isolated
  4. If you are quarantined you will be isolated for 14 days
  5. Contact tracer will take care of your kids but you cannot leave your house
  6. If you eat at a restaurant and someone was found with COVID you will be quarantined
  7. Big government will video conference you and review your place to make sure you are isolated
  8. If you get it your family will have to be quarantined for 14 days and completely isolated
  9. If you were on a train, at work or in a restaurant then everyone near you will have to be quarantined
  10. They say this is voluntary but will arrest you if you don’t comply
  11. You could be quarantined again, and again, and again
  12. Training encourages contact tracers to know you are doing this for the greater good
  13. The government will mandate you to take viruses
  14. Apple phones are now upgraded to manage your phone for COVID contact tracing
  15. In India you have to show your app before getting on a train or take a flight, etc.
  16. New Zealand has a code that will clear you based on your app status

Here is the video:

Contact tracing is an attack on privacy.  Having individuals, companies or governments involved means this practice will be corrupted, absolutely.

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