WATCH: DNC Chair Defends Joe Biden From Sexual Assault Allegations By Comparing Them to Hillary Clinton’s Emails

DNC Chair Tom Perez defended Joe Biden Sunday morning by comparing the sexual assault allegations to Hillary Clinton’s email scandal.

Perez made the remarks while speaking to Martha Raddatz during an appearance on ABC’s This Week.

“Joe Biden has been very clear, Martha, that this did not happen,” Perez said. “He was forceful in that and he’s been equally clear that when women come forward with complaints of this nature, they should be taken seriously. Their complaints should be investigated, they should be treated with dignity, and he’s done exactly that… He is an open book.”

In response, Raddatz noted that Biden has said he will not release documents from his years in the Senate, which Reade maintains will contain a complaint about his behavior, and how the New York Times has called on the Democratic Party to investigate the claims.

“There’s been so many investigations of the vice president. The most comprehensive investigation of the vice president was when he was vetted by Barack Obama in 2008,” Perez said.  He also claimed that the records at the University of Delaware will be policy documents, not personnel records.

Raddatz again asked why they won’t just search for Tara Reade’s name in the records, prompting him to compare the scandal to Clinton’s emails.

“This is like the Hillary emails, because there was nothing there,” Perez responded. “The reason is if I’m going — I worked on the Senate Judiciary Committee in 1995, the ranking member was Joe Biden. I wasn’t working for Joe Biden, I was working for Senator Kennedy. If you want to see my personnel records, you don’t go to the Kennedy Institute. That’s not where they go. So when you ask the University of Delaware to take a look at something, you’re asking them to look for something that doesn’t exist.”


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