Rioters Burn Homeless Man’s Bed and Possessions, Then Just Watch As He Struggles to Pull Them From Fire (VIDEO)

Rioters in Austin, Texas, put their thoughtlessness on full display as they set a homeless man’s possessions and bed on fire right in front of him.

The man desperately pulled his flaming bed from the fire, knocking himself over, as the rioters looked on without helping.

Naturally, the man was extremely distraught.

“I live here,” he repeatedly shouted to the Infowars crew that was filming.

The rioters have been painted to be fighting for a “just” cause by celebrities and much of the media, but the destruction and chaos they are leaving is harming those with the least among us.

These selfish and entitled menaces have destroyed hundreds, if not thousands, of small businesses. They have burned down buildings meant to become affordable housing for their community. They have killed and maimed people.

And yet, the media is still some how running cover for this terrorism.

One elderly and disabled woman said that as she watched her community burn, she wanted to “be where George is,” referring to the man who was killed in the custody of Minneapolis Police on Monday.

“He’s in a better place than we are,” she said through tears.



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