Report: Twitter’s Head of Site Integrity, Who Is Responsible for “Election Security and Misinformation” Says There Are “Nazis in the White House” and Trump is “Racist Tangerine”

Far Left Watch posted a tweet identifying “Yoel” Roth as Twitter’s Head of Site Integrity.  This young man determines what is the truth and what is not on Twitter. 

Far Left Watch reported on who at Twitter is determining that CNN is more accurate than the President of the United States per yesterday’s tweet correction by Twitter.

This of course is laughable, especially after the past four years of Russia collusion lies daily coming from CNN and the mainstream media.  But those lies don’t matter to Twitter and young “Yoel” who are the purveyors of what is truth and what is not.  For example, young Yoel believes there are Nazis in the White House:

Yesterday Twitter fact checked the President’s message regarding the crimes related to mail in voting claiming that the President is lying because far left and radical CNN and the Washington Post claim he is.  These are the same entities involved in pushing the total lie for four years that the President was colluding with Russi!!

But Twitter values their lies over the truth!

Yoel appears to like being controversial while labeling the truth lies and lies the truth:

Social media giants are corrupt and biased.  They do all they can to damage and destroy the truth and the conservative point of view in the US.  They are anti-free speech and should be held to the same standards other publishers are held to if they wish to edit what is shared on their sites by anyone, especially the President of the United States.

UPDATE — Here’s more tweets from Yoel Roth…

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