New FBI Document Release in Flynn Case Shows Spy and Crack Addict Stefan Halper Lied About General Flynn Affair

General Michael Flynn was set up and lied about in regards to an affair with a young professor in the UK named Svetlana Lokhova. 

The spy that created the lie of their affair, Stefan Halper, was likely hired because the FBI knew he would come up with some dishonest garbage to pin on Flynn.  

Yesterday’s release of more documents in the General Flynn case validate what we have been reporting for years – Stefan Halper spied on General Flynn and others and lied to create stories the FBI wanted to hear.  Halper reportedly had a horrible drug addiction.

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: FBI Utilized Crack Addict Stefan Halper As ITS KEY SOURCE to Spy Illegally on Trump Team in Its Attempted Coup of the President – Wow!

This didn’t stop the Obama Administration from using Halper as a spy to get General Flynn.  Halper made up a story about the General and a young professor in the UK.

Halper was used because the Deep State had nothing on innocent General Flynn – a war hero.

Yesterday the FBI finally released documents in the General Flynn case after having set him up that show what they used from their star witness Stefan Halper. 

Halper lied that the young professor jumped in a car with General Flynn in the UK after an event one night.

There were many leaks involved with General Flynn of classified information.

The spying on General Flynn started at least by January of 2016, long before the FBI claimed they opened their case on the Trump administration in mid – 2016.

Halper said after the Mueller Special Counsel was set up with the help of his lies, that this was going to be Trump’s Watergate.

Halper and the Deep State gang in Obama’s DOJ and FBI didn’t care what they did to General Flynn or his family.

The Obama Deep State hired Halper and Christopher Steele because they were know liars who would report anything for money.

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