MUST READ: The Dismissal of General Flynn Indictment – “No Interview of General Flynn Was Required” and Flynn’s Statements “Not Material to Any…Investigation”

The DOJ moved to dismiss with prejudice its criminal case against General Michael Flynn yesterday.  Below are pieces from the DOJ’s 20-page dismissal letter.

The DOJ did yesterday what many who have followed General Michael Flynn’s case for a long time have been waiting for.  The DOJ stepped in and requested a dismissal of the General Flynn case.  In the first paragraph, the DOJ made its point:

The government had no right to interview Flynn and even if he lied it wouldn’t matter:

The Obama Deep State opened its investigation on Flynn in August 2016, based on some very weak, if not illegitimate, circumstances:

At some point after opening this (illegal) investigation into General Flynn the investigators decided there was no there-there and so they drafted a letter to close the investigation.

The letter stated that there was no evidence to continue the investigation and that “no interview of General Flynn was required“.

The Deep State players in the Obama Administration then spied on General Flynn’s calls with his Russian counterpart in December 2016.  This was after Flynn had been identified as incoming President Trump’s National Security Advisor.  The FBI and DOJ discussed indicting Flynn on the 200 year old Logan Act but decided against this (since no one had been indicted on this act since before the Civil War and because Flynn was doing his job).

After hearing that the case was still open, (dirty cop) Peter Strzok wrote about the “good news” to his lover Lisa Page and remarked that “our utter incompetence actually helps us”:

Next (corrupt) FBI Director James Comey deferred telling the Trump White House that there remained an open investigation into General Flynn.  The only reason the investigation remained open was because of Flynn’s call with the Russian (which was part of his duties with the incoming administration).

Obama holdover Sally Yates claimed that she was “flabbergasted” and “dumbfounded” when she found out that Comey had sent over agents to the Trump White House to interview Flynn.  The letter to the court actually refers to Comey’s later comments where he bragged to MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace about sending agents to the White House.

The FBI’s Bill Preistep’s notes before the White House (ambush) interview of Flynn were then presented where it was clear the FBI wasn’t after the truth but rather was out to get Flynn.  Both agents left the interview with Flynn and expressed uncertainty as to whether Flynn had lied and not think he believed he was lying.  Then on November 30, 2017, the Mueller gang indicted Flynn for lying to the FBI.

Next the DOJ’s letter explains why the court should accept their recommendation to dismiss the Flynn case and then on page 12 recommends dismissing the case:

The FBI and DOJ had no reason to indict General Flynn for lying.  To do so the FBI would have had to prove materiality and the FBI didn’t even have an investigation that the statements were material to:

The FBI never attempted to open an investigation after Flynn’s calls with his Russian counterpart and his calls were justified.  The dismissal discusses the “frail and shifting justification” for investigating Flynn.  Timothy Shea signs the document for dismissal.

Justice is served.  General Flynn was set up and persecuted for years.  He deserves retribution.



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