Government’s Chief Witness In Roger Stone Case Lied, Filmmaker’s Account Was Ignored By Prosecutors

Speaking exclusively to TGP, filmmaker and producer David Lugo is speaking for the first time about his grand jury testimony and interviews with federal agents during the investigation into Trump advisor Roger Stone.

Lugo, who produced a film featuring Roger Stone and Randy Credico, the prosecutions lead witness, said he wants to “set the record straight.”

Lugo was shocked to see press accounts of Stone’s trial in which comic impressionist and sometime radio talkshow host Randy Credico said he was not the source of Stone’s information regarding Wikileaks.

“I testified under oath and provided documentary evidence that this was a lie,” Lugo said.

According to Lugo, while he was filming the recently released documentary  Sensational, Randy Credico admitted to him on several occasions that he was the intermediary between Roger Stone and Wikileaks during the 2016 election. If you recall, Mueller’s hit-squad instead alleged that Stone’s intermediary was a Twitter account they accused of being a Russian asset or even author Jerome Corsi.

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Credico’s testimony at Stone’s trial, where he parroted the talking points of federal prosecutors, is widely viewed as what ultimately lead to Stone’s conviction on all counts. Prosecutors even alleged that playful banter between Stone and Credico, both longtime friends, constituted witness tampering.

However, filmmaker David Lugo tells a different story.

“Credico confirmed verbally and in written communications that he was the intermediary between Stone and Wikileaks. This was not something he only told me, it was pretty well known. I told this to federal investigators and turned over documentation backing up my testimony that exonerated Roger. They buried it and never contacted me again because it did not fit their narrative.”

Longtime Roger Stone attorney Tyler Nixon, who was present during when Credico admitted to being Stone’s Wikileaks source, was also questioned by the FBI and testified to the grand jury under oath essentially confirming what Lugo had told prosecutors and the grand jury weeks before. Once more, Nixon’s exculpatory testimony was ignored by Mueller’s dirty cops. Mueller’s Stone hit-squad also ignored 30-pages of text messages turned over to the Special Counsel’s office, where Credico predicted the date of the Wikileaks releases and said he knew about the plan for release, “because one of Wikileaks lawyers is a very close friend of mine.”

Mueller’s dirty cops ignored multiple exculpatory sources in their effort to frame Stone.

Worse yet, Lugo told this GP reporter that he, also a witness in the investigation, was told by Credico at one point that he’d “put a hole in his head” if he didn’t stop telling the truth to federal investigators about Credico’s erratic behavior and false statements. Prosecutors never brought charges against Randy Credico for witness tampering, despite overwhelming evidence.

Credico, who has claimed to be sober after spending most of his life struggling with alcohol and substance abuse according to his own admissions, has blamed his abuse of the sleeping pill Ambien after sending threatening text messages Lugo told TGP. In an interview with a Venezuelan funded propagandist reporter that was first examined by TGP, Credico revealed publicly he was “off the wagon” after claiming to be completely sober in a series of interviews on networks like MSNBC and CNN.

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This is another shocking and sad example of how Roger Stone was railroaded by rotten federal prosecutors and a demon possessed Obama-appointed federal judge who showed extreme bias throughout the process, including her claim that the jurors, many of whom lied on their jury questionnaires about their bias, served with “integrity.”

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Roger Stone is currently set to turn himself into the Bureau of Prisons in about three weeks, after getting a reprieve due to the threat of Coronavirus. His appeal of the conviction and request for a new trial remain ongoing.


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