Denver Riot Out of Control: Protester Run Over After Jumping on Woman’s Car, Gun Shots Fired Towards Capitol (VIDEO)

Riots are continuing to sweep the nation following the death of George Floyd while in police custody. Denver became the latest city to spin out of control on Thursday evening.

A protester was run over after a mob swarmed a woman’s car and the man jumped on the hood.

The woman plowed through the crowd — with him still on top of her vehicle. When he attempted to walk away, she took a sharp turn and ran him down.

Gun shots were also fired in the direction of the State Capitol causing people to lay on the ground and attempt to seek cover.

No gun shot injuries have been reported. KKTV 11 reports that it remains unclear if the gunfire was connected to the rally.

Denver has one of the largest Black Lives Matter and Antifa movements in the nation, possibly second only to Oakland.

The crowd also blocked both lanes of Interstate 25.

Another street was also being blocked before being dispersed by police using riot control measures.


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