Why Do Democrat States Have the Highest Number of Coronavirus Deaths? Why Does NYC Have Thousands of Deaths to Seoul, South Korea’s 2 Deaths?

Why is it that the highest number of deaths related to the China coronavirus are in Democrat led states?  Why does New York City have thousands of more cases than Seoul, South Korea?  What is going on?

According to the CDC’s data released on May 4th, 2020, more than half of all deaths related to the Coronavirus are in the small area of New York City, New York state and New Jersey:

In addition, when comparing total deaths in New York City to Seoul, South Korea, the numbers are staggering.  Seoul has more people in a more densely populated area, but as of a few days ago, it only incurred 2 deaths to date, to New York City’s thousands:

According to the CDC the total deaths that are categorized as “coronavirus only” stand at 38,576 as of yesterday, May 4th,  2020.  If you add up all the deaths for states that President Trump won in the 2020 election, you would find that 77% of the deaths occur in Democrat states.  Also, note that President Trump won 30 states out of 50 in the last election:

R’s            8,860 23%
D’s          29,760 77%
Total          38,620 100%
These numbers are shocking. Are Democrat states over reporting deaths or is there some other reason that Democrat states have nearly four out of five deaths in the US due to the China coronavirus?


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