CDC Reports the Total Presumed Deaths Related to Coronavirus At 38,000 – Deaths Peaked in Early April

The CDC released updated numbers yesterday that show that the total presumed deaths related to the coronavirus “only” stand at 38,000.  Their reporting also shows the the number of coronavirus deaths peaked in the US a month ago.

We reported previously that the media is reporting massive death counts from the China coronavirus. These counts are coming from a couple of sources, one of which is the Worldometer coronavirus website.  We now know that the worldometer is owned by Chinese company Dadax.

As of May 4, 2020, the CDC reported that 38,576 Americans died from the China coronavirus. Note that their number includes confirmed or presumed to be COVID-19 deaths.  Note also that the peak number of deaths occurred the week ending April 11, 2020. In addition, according to the CDC, there were only seven deaths confirmed or assumed to be COVID-19 through the end of February 2020.

Notice that according to the CDC the Coronavirus deaths increased by only 1,200 cases since May 1, 2020:

The Worldometer website shows 69,921 corononvirus deaths as of the same date, May 4th.  These totals are nearly two times the number of deaths reported by the CDC.

Note also, the number of deaths reported by Worldometer fluctuates in a peculiar manner indicating the numbers are being misreported.  The chart also indicates the number of deaths is decreasing.

Overall, it appears that there is something very wrong with the reporting for coronavirus deaths.  There is a huge delay in reported deaths at the CDC website.  It’s as if those in charge would like the number of deaths to be as high as possible so that the economic results will be devastating as possible – to hell with the average American.

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