Rumblings: Virginia Governor Blackface-KKK Northam Forces Virginians into Lockdown Then Spends His Weekends at His North Carolina Beach House

The Internet is abuzz with the story that Virginia governor Ralph Northam is spending his weekends at his beach house in North Carolina.  This is at the same time he put the commonwealth Virginia on lock down. 
Northam is famous for a posing in KKK-blackface in his college yearbook.

Jake Hiles on Facebook posted the following:

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam issued a stay at home order for Virginians where only necessary travel was allowed. Dare County in North Carolina is under a “residents only” ban where only residents who have proof of North Carolinian residence are being admitted onto the Outer Banks and Roanoke Island. Ralph Northam is the Governor of Virginia. He and his family are not North Carolina residents. Numerous residents of Dare County are reporting that Virginia Governor Ralph Northam is illegally flying into First Flight Airport at the Wright Memorial Airport in Kill Devil Hills on a private airplane, where he then has drivers meet himself and his family to go to their vacation home in the Pirates Cove neighborhood of Manteo.

The significance of this is that in doing this, not only is Governor Northam violating the North Carolina and the Dare County order to that Dare County is residents only, but Northam is violating his own stay at home order for Virginians. Northam is abandoning his duties in Richmond during a time of emergency so that he can travel unnecessarily to spend his time in leisure at his families vacation home in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Virginians like myself are threatened with arrest for violating the Governor’s orders, but apparently those strict orders that are supposedly to protect us, do not apply to Governor Northam and his family. While Virginians are locked down in their homes, many are not allowed to work, and none are allowed to travel out of leisure, Governor Northam and his family are doing exactly what he has used his authority to tell Virginians that they cannot do.

I have spoke with numerous people in Dare County who have seen or heard that Northam is going to and from his vacation home on a regular basis.

Here is a photo of Northam’s vacation home at with vehicles present yesterday (Monday April 20), where Northam is supposedly inside with his family.

It looks like Virginia governor Ralph Northam may be vacationing in North Carolina during the current coronavirus lock down while the rest of Virginia in in lockdown.  He has one set of rules for the people of Virginia and another set of rules for himself.
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