BREAKING: President Trump Says ‘I Would Certainly Consider’ Bringing Gen. Flynn Back Into Administration

President Donald Trump told reporters on Thursday that he would “certainly consider” bringing General Mike Flynn back into the administration.

The statement comes one day after lawyers for Flynn released stunning FBI communications that suggest they were attempting to force him to lie about contacts with Russian officials.

“What is our goal? Truth/admission or to get him to lie,” the notes read, “so we can prosecute him or get him fired?”

When asked about the stunning revelation about Flynn’s case on Thursday, President Trump said that “what they did to Gen Flynn was a disgrace.”

“What they tried to do to destroy him and to hurt this presidency was … perhaps in our country’s history there’s never been anything like it.”

The president added that there will be no need to pardon Gen. Flynn if the new evidence leads to his exoneration.

“Look, I’m not the judge but I have a different type of power. I don’t know that anyone would have to use that power,” he said. “I think he’s exonerated.”

Gen. Flynn was asked to resign in 2017 for allegedly “misleading” Vice President Pence about his contacts with the US Russian ambassador.

Pence also stood by Gen. Flynn when asked about the case, saying that he is “more inclined to believe it was unintentional than ever before.”


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