BREAKING: New York Data Confirms Once Again – 99% of Coronavirus Fatalities Have Pre-Existing Conditions – 94% of Fatalities Over Age 45! …Open The Economy!

It’s very difficult to find the numbers – as if they are being hidden. The reason may be because the actual numbers of coronavirus fatalities indicate the China coronavirus is not nearly as deadly as heralded by the Mainstream media and the results are similar to flu-like data.

Initial data out of New York show a pattern consistent with the rest of the world – the elderly and the sick are almost exclusively at risk by the coronavirus.  Individuals without pre-existing conditions and younger Americans under the age of 65 are at a very very low risk of dying from the coronavirus.

Steve Elliott Grassfire reports today that the “New York Coronavirus Data Confirms EVERYTHING about age and condition of victims, meaning it’s time for a more targeted strategy”.

Data was finally located related to the China coronavirus deaths in New York:

We’ve been searching and searching for REAL U.S. DATA on COVID-19 deaths by age, and it’s been mostly missing other than a passing mention by the CDC that “80%” of those who died were over 60.

Until we saw from that New York City posted death by age and condition data for the city (as of April 2).

And the numbers confirm EVERYTHING the global data has been saying (and perhaps our government and the media have been hiding?). Namely that:

* The VAST MAJORITY of the victims are older (NYC, 70% 65 and over)
* Very few are under 50 (NYC, 5.8% under 45)
* Almost NO teenagers or children (NYC, one death under 18, or .07%)
* Only a fraction have NO OTHER HEALTH CONDITIONS (1.29%)

This is exactly what we have been saying for the past few months.  The China coronavirus is being over engineered by the media to create panic and destroy the livelihoods of millions of Americans and innocent citizens around the world.

These numbers from New York are consistent with the numbers from China and Italy:

The devastation economically and from fatalities related to the economics of this situation are the absolute cause for concern.

And there it is and that is that.  Never take what the media is telling you as the Gospel truth.  Never.

We are killing the economy because of  the China coronavirus, which like the flu, kills the elderly and the sick.  We have never acted this insane for the flu.

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