WTH? Corrupt Obama Judge Amy Berman Jackson Gives FREE LEGAL SERVICE To Biased Stone Jurors

Update on the Roger Stone trial:

Bloomberg News is reporting that Judge Amy Berman Jackson, a corrupt Obama appointed jurist with a documented history of abuse of power, has responded in part to a filing made by journalist Mike Cernovich who is seeking the full and unredacted jury questionnaires for each juror in the Roger Stone case.

Cernovich previously exposed jury foreman Tomeka Hart as an anti-Trump activist who demonstrated gross bias against both Roger Stone and President Trump.

Hart omitted her politically charged social media posts during the jury selection process, both in writing and on the stand during the early stages of Stone’s November trial.

Author, Filmmaker and Activist Mike Cernovich Files Motion to Access Questionnaire of Jury Foreperson in Roger Stone Trial

She ran to the defense of corrupt prosecutors who recommended a 7-9 year jail term for Stone without consulting with their higher-ups at the Department of Justice. They resigned from the case and from the Department of Justice in protest of Attorney General Bill Barr and even far-left constitutional scholars decrying the sentence recommendation and looming questions of juror misconduct. After she outed herself in a Facebook post, Mike Cernovich discovered a treasure trove of questionable social media activity from Hart, including posts made before the verdict.

Corrupt Stone Judge Amy Berman Jackson Wanted To Jail Conservative Journalist For Exposing Juror Bias

In a hearing last week, Judge Jackson claimed that any review or questioning of the jurors put their safety at risk, going on to slam Tucker Carlson, Alex Jones and even this Gateway Pundit reporter for alerting the public about juror bias. At points, Jackson inappropriately cut off Stone’s attorneys and even banged her fists on the podium in a fit of rage.

Judge Amy Berman Jackson Slams Hand on Podium While Arguing Against Roger Stone’s Lawyers During Hearing For Request For New Trial – Update: No Ruling Today

To think that taxpayers are now going to be on the hook and providing the funding for legal counsel for this rotten lot of Trump / Stone hating jurors is another example of how out of control Judge Amy Berman Jackson is. Seth Cousins, the first juror to out themselves in a series of vain attempts to justify Stone’s conviction, admitted in an op-ed published in the Washington Post that he “didn’t pay attention” to the arguments presented by Stone’s attorneys. Cousins also failed to reveal his history of donating to far-left candidates, including gun-grabber Beto O’Rourke and Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein.

These jurors should be responsible for their own legal fees and the consequences of their actions. Judge Amy Berman Jackson’s order providing them with free legal counsel is flat-out disgusting.

Tucker Carlson is right… this DEMON Judge must be impeached!

“She’s Corrupt! She’s Out of Control!” – Tucker Carlson Calls for Demon Judge Amy Berman Jackson to be Impeached (VIDEO)


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